FIFA 16 Demo: United States vs. Germany Women’s National Teams Gameplay

Power Up Gaming writes: "EA Sports’ FIFA 16 demo is now finding its way onto digital store shelves across the globe, and the team at Power Up Gaming have already spent several hours getting to grips with the latest instalment in the world’s biggest annualised football series.

While we’ll have an in-depth preview later, covering the game’s new tackling, shooting and tutorial systems, why not enjoy our sneak peek of the all-new women’s clubs included in FIFA 16, as the USA take on Germany at CenturyLink Field?"

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masterfox1164d ago

this is so inaccurate, there's no way in hell that many people would assist to watch a women football game

2pacalypsenow1164d ago

Pretty sad how empty the stands were for the WC , the camera had be lowered just to not show the top stands

mp12891163d ago

Its also sad that it was more entertaining than the men's final.

iceman061163d ago

I don't know where you live. But, in the US it's common for the women to out draw the men. (unless the men are playing a popular team like Spain, Mexico, or Brazil) It can't compare to the European and South American crowds for men's games. But, they DO usually fill the stadium.

Unyoked1164d ago

The new feature is women