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Until Dawn is a bit of a triumph in everything from its glorious tech to its simultaneous skewering and service to horror. It’s a sterling example of what an interactive movie can be: an absolute must for genre fans.

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ninsigma1073d ago

Girlfriend got this today, gonna finally get to play this :D All nighter Friday night. Bring it on! Looks so good!

TheDrunkenJester1073d ago

Well it will hardly take you "all night", but have fun! The first playthrough is a good time.

ninsigma1073d ago

I probably wouldn't last all night even if the game would. I suck at all nighters xD

TheDrunkenJester1073d ago


True, I have been having a harder time lately as well... Damn life!

Also, how do I get a downvote for this... good lord haha

ninsigma1073d ago

It's funny how I can stay up all night if I have drink xD

You probably got a downvote because it may have sounded as if you were saying the game is short in a negative fashion. I gave ya an agree to offset the disagree :P

Sparta071072d ago

@ ninsigma, pay no mind to jester he's just trolling. Nothing new.
You are going to have a ball playing this game. Sleeper hit of the year.
You have to play it in the dark, you are going to freak out. Lol

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1073d ago
SolidGear31072d ago

Yeah, me and my girlfriend are on our first play through. Be finishing up by dawn (lol). I'm actually on a night schedule so being up at night is natural for me. Just woke up at 11pm in fact.

miyamoto1067d ago

A perfect game indeed. Gamers will talk about this game for a long time.

VsAssassin1072d ago

Great review. More and more reviewers are giving this game great scores as of late which is a good thing. My sister played this a bit the other day and she liked it. She's a non-gamer too!

SynestheticRoar1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

It's fun to watch girls play this game.

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