Here's the cheapest Tearaway: Unfolded PS4 preorder

Dealspwn: Tearaway was one of the finest titles on the PS Vita and we're delighted to see the game given a PS4 remix, if not a little sad we're not getting a Vita sequel. This preorder is the best price we can find on the net today ahead of the release this month on the 11th.

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bubblepopper1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

How is £28.88 the lowest price on the net? With the current exchange rate, that equals $44.46 US. It's $39.99 (£25.98) on US PSN and already available today. Any person can make a US PSN account and make a purchase from it. I'd say that's the better deal.

ChronoJoe1192d ago

From my experience, it's not as easy as simply making a US PSN account and purchasing it. They don't accept our bank cards on the US store, because our addresses aren't US... so we have to use PSN cards, and buying US PSN cards usually applies additional tax. So it doesn't work out cheaper, in the end.

Otherwise, it would be cheaper to just buy all of our content from America or, all over the world. But it's just not that convenient.

Spyroo1192d ago

Er no dude. For my US account I buy discounted US PSN topup cards from eBay (UK website also lists us ones) and

No tax

ChronoJoe1192d ago

That's not exactly convenient though is it? having to go to a third party to buy codes to use on the UK store. Also, doesn't always have stock, and I've never felt comfortable buying codes from random ebayers.

Additionally, buying abroad is a breach of terms of service, so if anything happens to the account, i.e. it gets hacked, Sony will do nothing to provide support for its recovery. So I wouldn't want to invest too much into foreign accounts, if avoidable as it lacks ownership. But I guess if you're willing to buy digital, then you are happy to forgo ownership of the content anyway.