Another HD Remaster | Legend of Kay Anniversary Review (New Gamer Nation)

Ten years after its initial release, the PlayStation 2 game Legend of Kay has been updated, re-released and thrown into the wild amongst the ever-growing pile of HD remasters out on the market today. The Anniversary Edition’s upgraded graphics look relatively good especially for a PS2 game, the gameplay is filled with rewarding combat and challenging puzzles although sadly some aspects of the original couldn’t be updated and polished. Leaving the game stuck with the terrible writing, awful voice-acting and mediocre plot that the original had.

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phoenixwake1164d ago

"So how good was this game?"

"It was 'kay."

jimmywolf1164d ago

if you're going for a lame pun, least make it a good lame pun. "it was o Kay" sounds much better but still a lame pun.