Forza Motorsport 6 Review - Multiplayer

It was enough to outright bring me back into the racing fold. I found myself racing for hours, racking up credits, ferociously buying new cars to add to my garage, and cursing at my friend's Drivatars. Forza 6 is the new king of simulation racing.

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user99502791195d ago

MULTIPLAYER! these guys know what's up. Forza is best played online. 16p lobbies in FM5 were always a ball, 24p lobbies will be madness.

aviator1891195d ago

I literally cannot wait to race in the race and night lobbies. It'd be great if they can introduce night and racing tracks through an update later.

AutoCad1195d ago

Forza never disappoints.. Game is already preloaded on my Xbox. Cannot wait

1195d ago Replies(1)