'Pikmin 4' is confirmed, but for which Nintendo system?

Nintendo recently announced Pikmin 4, but which Nintendo system will it land on?

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Loadedklip1196d ago

NX hopefully. I have a Wii U and will get whatever Nintendo's next system is since I love Nintendo the game publisher so why not have a better looking version?

Assuming the NX is more powerful than Wii U of course.

3-4-51196d ago

* The best thing Nintendo could do is front load the NX with a ton of games at launch.

* Launching the handheld NX 6 months ahead of the console also gives it the ability to have NX handheld games to play when it launches as well for a selling point.

* Including this in the NX console launch will allow it to also be played on the NX handheld, where as if it launches for only the Wii U, then it stays on the Wii U most likely.

* I would just stack the NX console launch with as many games as possible, to give gamers the greatest range of possible games to play.

Wii U is what it is, it's not going to get any better and as soon as the NX is announced you will have a ton of people trading in their Wii U's anyways toward the NX handheld & consoles.

The only game that really excites me that is remaining for the Wii U is Legend of Zelda, but after that I just don't see the reason to keep heavily supporting it.

gerbwmu1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I'd guess Wii U.....already have the engine built for it....the fact that it is almost complete probably means he reused 3's assets to tell a new story inspired by the creating of Pikmin 3.....then again what do I know?

deafdani1196d ago

Well, it's not a bad guess, seeing how there were 2 Pikmin games for Cube, and what you say makes sense. I have a feeling that if Nintendo had made a new Pikmin with a completely new game engine, then it wouldn't be "close to completion" this quickly.

Unless it's made in the same engine as Pikmin 3, and still intended for NX with extra graphical flourishes. Such thing is also possible, depending of architectural differences. Pikmin 3 started development as a Wii title, after all.

Who knows, really. :/

rjason121196d ago

Well if it does end up on Wii U, it will have the same engine, but I'm sure the graphics will look better than 3 since they probably know how to utilize the systems capabilities better.

stragomccloud1196d ago

Man.... I can't believe I still haven't completed Pikmin 3.

addictedtochaos1196d ago

Well, considering they said it is close to done, I would imagine it would be for Wii U since the NX is still more than a year away at least (if not more). Plus Ninetendo has stated that they are not done supporting the Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1196d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, too.
Wii U haters will say otherwise, but all the evidence points towards Nintendo continuing to give the Wii U games until 2017, when the NX releases.

And if Pikmin 4 is almost done, then that marks this as a Wii U game.

rjason121196d ago

I'm guessing it will be a mid-late 2016 game, since there is really nothing announced yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.