Looking Back at the Xbox One’s Launch, I Don’t Think it was All That Bad

The Xbox One had a bit of a rocky start due to the proposed always-on Internet and DRM features, but Aaron from n3rdabl3 thinks Microsoft shouldn't have axed them and he believes Microsoft may have hurt the future of the console by doing so.

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DarkOcelet1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

The Launch was not bad but the introduction of the console was a disaster. But making everyone on launch buy a Kinect when they didn't want it and saying the Kinect cannot be unbundled that was also not a good move.

Glad they turned it around though.

SteamPowered1166d ago

I couldnt wait to try my new Kinect 2.0 with the launch. But even then I was disappointed at the lack of support right off the bat. It was a very odd strategy: Force new owners to buy the Kinect, but dont have any games or uses for it other than navigating the menus.

Pogmathoin1166d ago

Kinect is a really nice piece of hardware, could have made better use of it, but did not.... now its limp... Maybe it could work some way with Hololens?

TheBurger291166d ago

I wanted to try the kinect as well, I unpacked it and plugged it in... no light from it. Turns out it was broken. Day one xbox and the big bad kinect was broken. Returned the xbox within a week and bought a pc that worked just fine.

InTheLab1166d ago

Forced Kinect was the main reason why I stayed away from the X1 at launch. I said from day one if they gave an option to remove kinect, I'd buy one and I did. Of course they lied and said you they couldn't do it.

The launch and unveiling was a disaster imo. A quick 3 million in sales and then nothing is the proof. 2014 sales were pathetic until they started bundling 4 games with the thing and people still didn't really want it.

I'd like to think that the 13m in sales now is because the console has turned around but really, it's those bundles and price cuts. $350 is the sweet spot for the X1 and it's hard to pass on a 2 games packaged into it.

And let's be honest. If MS didn't listen to us, there would be no x1 at this point.

Kingthrash3601166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

The reveal was the worst I've ever seen. That e3 was also the worst I've seen a company treat it's potential customers with the arrogance level at a all time high. .as I said before forcing the kinect was the biggest thing that turned people off. With the drm and TV focus coming at a close second.
So yeah it really was all that bad. So many xbox fans were pissed and said they wouldn't touch the xbox. No let's not say it wasn't all that bad...because it was. The control they tried implement and the gaming second focus still hurts the Xbox to this day over 2 years later.

dcbronco1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I think Microsoft might introduce something in Tacoma that will elevate Kinect in the general population's mind. The sequence at the end where the character uses sign language will be a gameplay element. Kinect two has been rumored to be able to see sign language since before launch. I think Tacoma will use that. It will make the Xbox the console of choice for the deaf for sure and will make many parents prefer it. A lot of people may not think so but they have never stepped outside their own little circles. It would even be a console besides the Wii politicians could get behind.

Pogmathoin1166d ago

Somehow posted this in the wrong thread!!! Sorry :)

Years of cultivating the Xbox brand was destroyed in one conference. As someone who has loved the brand since original, it was painful to watch, even though, some original features seemed a great idea, no one at MS seemed to know wtf they were talking about. It felt like a runaway train wreck. But a lot of damage was undone, turned around and it is now a much better console for it. Great games, great features and a much more positive future ahead. If sales are what its all about, well, so be it. Consoles go in cycles. I love PS too, since hearing Manic street preachers on first GT, it had me hooked.... but, were is Syphon Filter!!! That game rocked PS1 for me! Regardless, mistakes are made, lessons learned all the time.... do not dwell on it, enjoy it!

jb2271166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


The issue is that Tacoma is not a MS exclusive, considering it will see a multiplat launch at some point, Kinect won't factor in because it wouldn't be available on other platforms. As far as it recognizing sign language, I don't see how that would somehow make it more beneficial for a deaf gamer. Games have had subtitles for a long time now, what would recognizing sign language have truly brought to the deaf community aside from allowing the core functionality of voice commands, something that people don't even need when they already have a controller anyway.

It could be a good tool for teaching sign language possibly but beyond that I really don't see any usage for the deaf community that isn't available on any other platform.

Kinect is dead for all intents and purposes. Its current functionality will stand but I don't see any other new uses coming solely for it when its no longer a requirement. The only chance it has to keep some form of life going forward is being paired w/ HoloLens in someway, doubly so considering any devs that would've been funneled towards Kinect are now back in the traditional console space or shifted to HoloLens development.

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freshslicepizza1166d ago

it was bad because they did not fully explain the benefits of always online. the price was also a mistake at $499. they wanted every system to have kinect but failed to also prove why. other than the ui there were no must have games and the xbox 360 showed that kinect simply doesn't work in most games. the only so called game that interested me wasn't really a game, it was xbox fitness and who knows how good kinect worked. there hasn't been much of a peep about kinect since phil took over.

we are finally starting to see the potential with crackdown 3 of what an always online system could do but even then many don't see why you need to check in every 24 hours for all the other games. going digital is well regarded for convenience but trying to get most console gamers to adopt such a way of buying games will take time. the whole concept was brought out too early and unless sony and nintendo go the same route it was going to be doomed.

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SteamPowered1166d ago


Apparently the X1 certainly needs to be online periodically to function. Maybe not all the time, but my friend recently moved and didnt pay internet for 2 places, so subsequently he had his X1 in the house without internet and it would not work. The apps needed an update since he hadnt used it in a while and it pretty much locked him out. His X1 wouldnt even play a Bluray.
Needless to say he was pretty upset at the time.

dcbronco1165d ago

Jb you're a perfect example of what I meant by people not stepping out of their own little circles. I don't like having to read text in a game. That is the main reason I wasn't into RPGs early on. The fact that you think deaf gamers would prefer to read text than to use their own form of speech makes it clear you really don't get it. Being able to sign with a game would be cool for older kids or deaf adults but it would provide a bit of normalcy for a much younger child dealing with deafness. Feeling included goes a long way and an even longer way with the parents of those children.

freshslicepizza1165d ago

"Apparently the X1 certainly needs to be online periodically to function. Maybe not all the time, but my friend recently moved and didnt pay internet for 2 places, so subsequently he had his X1 in the house without internet and it would not work. The apps needed an update since he hadnt used it in a while and it pretty much locked him out. His X1 wouldnt even play a Bluray.
Needless to say he was pretty upset at the time."

this is likely about the early distribution systems. microsoft said those systems needed an update to work since they had to revamp the built in software to function like a normal console. they didn't have time to recall those systems but an update fixed them. i have not heard of any systems that don't work if they don't connect after this update.

rainslacker1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )


if one were deaf, how would them being able to "communicate" into the game through sign language prevent them from having to go through the ordeal of reading text?

You're talking about communication from two sides, the user and the program, and in this case, it seems the Kinect would have absolutely no practical purpose for the program communicating to the player.

I hate to break this to you as well, but deaf people are also capable of reading, sign language is a language...a way to communicate...same way that written text is a way to communicate. In this way, deaf people are already included. At most, the Kinect, or any camera, interpreting sign language, or using voice recognition, is just another form of input.

Maybe I misunderstand your statement, but I'm not aware of that many RPG's earlier or recent, that require you speck or communicate in any way other than the controller....or very many games at all to be honest.

freshslicepizza1165d ago


i guess kinect has the ability to read sign language which would be good to have input instead of using voice recognition. in games however i don't see how this would work. the system would not be able to offer a reply in sign language for rpg games. no developer is going to go through that type of programming and will use text instead.

speaking of reading text why are games so ass backwards? in movies the subtitles are turned off by default, in games lots of games have them on by default. the first thing i do is turn them off, i find text in games takes me away from the immersion and would rather just listen to what they say.

rainslacker1165d ago theory it wouldn't be terribly complicated to implement the hand part of sign language through animation. Animation has a pretty low overhead, but you are right, I doubt any are going to go through the process when reading is just as effective...if not more so. Sign language, while capable, is not just the hand movements, but also the "tone" with which the signer uses them. It's a pretty multi-faceted communication process, that would not be practical to implement.

In any case, there aren't that many games that use voice recognition, and if they do, there is more often than not a way to do those same tasks without it. For the games that take advantage of voice recognition to free up controller inputs, I fail to see why it would be beneficial to sign those inputs when it means taking your hands off the controller. Visual processing through the Kinect(or other camera) is going to be more resource intensive than voice commands as well.

I just don't see that many games which use two way communication in such a manner, and the ones that do tend to be gimmicky and nothing like the way RPG's are presented nowadays....which is why I was confused over the scenarios and criticisms that dc was presenting.

Anyhow, I have no idea why the subtitles are implemented by default. I noticed this with a lot of games myself, and while it never bothered me to turn them off, I never gave it any thought. I don't think it has to do with catering to a deaf audience though. I agree though, outside games which use text many visual novels or some JRPG's, the subtitles are more a distraction than a help. It's why I don't watch subbed anime when there is a dub available, because I prefer to watch it, not read it. On the other hand, in some games, reading is actually faster, so if you can skip certain boring cut-scenes, I kind of prefer it....I found it extremely helpful in Omega Quintet which had abundant text to read...much of it mundane and not really related to the plot.

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81BX1166d ago

Yeah,but in the end i think it was a blessing in disguise. Gamers (me included) cancelled their xb1 pre orders and ms said oh crap,we messed up. Some got ps4 instead and sony took off in sales. Then ms said holy crap we messed up. They've been making it up to gamers ever since and the xb1 (obviously only an opinion) is the best overall value. Now i dont think ms will ever catch up to sony in sales. I think theyll close the gap a little by gens end. More importantly i think they'll mend some broken bonds.

LexHazard791166d ago

This was true for me. I pre ordered the Xbox One. Then after E3 canceled it for PS4. Only for them to then do 180 by the time that happened it was too late to switch back to Xbox One.

But I then traded my PS4 for Xbox One its cool.

81BX1166d ago

I was lucky enough, once they back tracked to stoll pre order an xb1 and ps4. When i cancelled the guy at gamestop warned me i probably wont be able to do it again once i cancelled,lol.


I don't understand how it was a disaster to people though....I think it was just immaturity that forced a knee jerk reaction, coupled with some peoples hatred for anything MS.

The xb1 was unveiled like any other electronic to date. Example: When a new Galaxy or Iphone is revealed. They first show what the product looks like then they demonstrate ALL of the capabilities and FEATURES of the phone or device, even though its main function is to make calls.

MS did exactly what everyone else in the electronic business does. They showed what the product looks like (instead of just the controller) and showed off features and what the system was capable of doing, and saved MOST of the gaming stuff for E3. Isn't that what we want????

We as gamers have complained that there are not enough games a shown at E3 and that there is to much fluff, with sales numbers, features, and performances (usher, uhh). They gave us NOTHING BUT GAMES at E3.

Automatic791166d ago

@Melman picture E3 2015 and Gamescom 2015 presentation for MS launch and the reaction would have been fantastic add in a great launch price and a promise to focus on First party and New IP like they are doing and we would have a different reaction now.

CYCLEGAMER1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

MS had a REALLY good E3 2013. I don't care about what these companies say they are GOING to do, I don't buy into marketing terms or slogans (i.e. for the gamer/player). I go by what they actually SHOW ME, and what MS showed at their 2013 E3 was awesome. Killer Instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising, Quantum Break, Forza 5 etc...what was more exciting was that most of those games were coming in a few months.

MS conferences have been about 90 percent games focused for the past 3 years, including 2013.

rainslacker1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

True, games have been a huge focus and were at E3 2013.

But the fact that none of that seemed to matter since it was overshadowed by the policies attached to the system, and then of course made to look worse because Sony took a completely opposite approach to not use those same policies, says that back then, those things were a problem, and since MS couldn't sell it because they had no clue what they were doing, means that it was indeed a disaster.

It's sad that you think people's anger over the totally anti-consumer policies of the X1 were "knee-jerk". Have you no dignity to want to stand up for your own consumer rights?

Anyhow, I wouldn't say it was a disaster to people in general, but it certainly was for MS. People would have moved on and MS would eventually just be another footnote alongside Atari, Coleco, 3DO, etc.

CYCLEGAMER1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

The "knee jerk" reaction came before we knew anything about the always online policy. People were "upset" intially because MS didn't focus on games only during the unveilling of the console...go back and read the articles and watch the YouTube videos.

People then completely lost it when they announced always online.

Personally I didn't console is always hardwired to the internet unless I move it. On top of that, I had already planned on the ps4 being my main console unless Ms proved that this drm thing worked. I am a person that is always up for innovation, and IMO MS was trying to push us forward, it's just that people weren't ready for it yet. Personally I would have loved to have three completely different next feneration consoles in my home.

I now feel like this genration has been held back a little bit, but I do understand those who feel differently about this.

rainslacker1165d ago

The knee jerk reaction was to Adam Orth's comments, where people were going on assuming things that were not verified, and came from an official MS source, but speaking in a non-official way(personal conversation). People associated it to MS due to rumors that had been circulating, and Orth's own connection to MS.

But, when that knee-jerk reaction was verified to be true, is it still a knee jerk reaction?

Don't get me wrong, I do think people in general do often over-react to the most mundane of stimuli, but at the same time, when the DRM policies became verified, and everyone's concerns were justified, they were in the right to act the way they did.

I actually said the same as you when the whole Orth incident happened. I said that there was no way MS would do something so stupid, and that people should calm down and just wait and see. My wait and see attitude turned into literal anger at MS because I immediately knew they had the muscle to get away with it, and I knew what road it would lead the consumer down for the long term...and that is a road I don't want to be part of. In less than an hour I went from considering getting an X1 day one to having every reservation I have against MS reinforced in my mind through years of witnessing their actions.

But I digress.

As far as the games...did you see the reveal? It was embarrassing. Very little talk about the hardware outside of Kinect, no compelling games worth mentioning or shown, and entertainment deals which had nothing to do with gaming at all. Of course people are going to complain about games.

Was it fair to say MS didn't show games at E3 2013? No. But at that time, the discussion wasn't really about the games on the X1, it was about the DRM policies and forced inclusion of Kinect for no good reason. The games at that point didn't matter, because MS was completely ignoring the complaints like they didn't need the gamer at all to sell their system...hence my comment that the games didn't matter.

Their E3 2013 showing was pretty good, but they never addressed the elephant in the room. To be fair, Sony rather lackluster E3 showing was not really discussed due to them addressing the elephant in the room, and killing it dead in a manner of 2 minutes.

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Persistantthug1166d ago

That was pretty well said, DarkOcelet.

It was the reveal and the E3 showing that made the XBONE a disaster early on.

But it was GAMERS that made the XBOX One launch better, more palatable and less of a disaster, overall.

AngelicIceDiamond1166d ago

Yeah the reveal prior to release was disastrous. But the actual launch wasn't to bad.

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StrayaKNT1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

If it was that bad, i wouldnt have pre ordered it as soon as they were made available. People just underestimated the power of the xbox one and now the AAA games are just flowing in non stop.

I agree the introduction was a disaster but i couldnt care all i wanted to do was play the games at the time and thats what mattered most to me most i guess. Pre ordered xbox one and ps4 as soon as i possibly could.

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guyman1166d ago

"underestimated the power of the xbox one"

That mid range PC power, so powerful indeed.

Riddler891166d ago Show
Persistantthug1166d ago


Perhaps you haven't noticed,
But there are only 6 disk based retail XBOX One exclusives for 2015.......and HALF of those are remasters from previous gen consoles.

I really don't see how one could possibly count that as being "games are just flowing in non stop."

Kinda seems like just the opposite.

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aviator1891166d ago

As darkocelet said, the reveal itself for the xbox one was pretty bad.
The actual launch of the console into the market was actually pretty decent as far as console launches go.

wutang4ever1166d ago

The Launch was so bad MS is still recovering and banking on this xmas to sell consoles.

PS 4 has world wide domination, including the united states.

MS needs to pick it up , because competition is good for the gamers.

Bobafret1166d ago

MS could have had the best announcement and launch and the PS4 would still be dominating. I am a huge Xbox fan but PS simply will never be beaten.

jaymacx1166d ago

Never say never. No one thought after ps2's runaway success that nintendo of all companies would out sell the ps3. No one knows the future.

Hoffmann1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Looking Back at the Xbox One’s Launch, I Don’t Think it was Good.

And now, 2 years after that launch, they sold only around half as many consoles as their direct competition.

Death1166d ago

Yeah if having the most sales are what's important to you than it's not a good time to be an Xbox fan. If you buy consoles for quality games, it's been a great time to be an Xbox fan. I'm by no means saying the competition doesn't have some great games too, but Xbox fans looking to make the leap to the current gen have a very difficult choice ahead of them if they play games and not sales.

Major_Glitch1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Sigh, you do realize "the competition" has more games than the Xbox right? You also do realize that "the competition" has a more powerful console that in turn helps guarantee better looking multi-plays right? And finally, you do realize that "the competition" has MORE FIRST PARTY STUDIOS right? In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why "the competition" is dominating in sales. Last question: how exactly do people "play games not sales"?

guyman1166d ago

"If you buy consoles for quality games, it's been a great time to be an Xbox fan"

The PR campaign is real. If you look at it objectively, there has been only a single AAA exclusive released this year for the xbox one, that being gears of war. The ps4 has introduced 4 new ip's in bloodborne, until dawn, everybody's gone to rapture and the order.

If you ask me, The ps4 is where the quality games are at.

LexHazard791166d ago


You're having a major malfunction buddy.

Death1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

You do realize I didn't say the competition doesn't have any of these things don't you? There is no denying that Sony has more first party studios. I'm not sure why they have been so quiet this gen, but they are there.

As for your guarantee of better looking multi-plats, that's pretty subjective. I believe technically many PS4 multiplats have an advantage. How that advantage translates to the screen isn't exactly noticeable. I don't think I am alone in struggling to see the difference between 1080 native and 1080p upscaled. There are many factors that determine the quality of a game, native resolution for me isn't one of the things I look for first in a game.

How do people play sales and not games? You tell me. Neither you or the person I responded to actually talked about games when explaining why the PS4 is better. Hoffman said sales are why the PS4 is better and you talked about "power" and the quantity of first party studios Sony owns as being the reason PS4 is on top.

As an Xbox fan I can't give you reasons why the Xbox is selling better for obvious reasons. What I can say is Xbox owners are able to play many of the first party IP's that fans enjoy as well as excellent third party support. Having the choice of EA Access is also a nice feature for fans of EA games. The ability to play games from my 100+ library of Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One for free is also a very nice thing to have.

Between the quantity and quality of Xbox exclusives, excellent third party support, robust online service and backwards compatibility it is very compelling for Xbox 360 gamers to make the jump to Xbox One. The possibilities with cloud compute used in games like Crackdown and new IP's coming next year only add to the incentive to stick with Xbox.

Automatic791166d ago

@guyman The Xbox One has introduced new IP's as well Ori and The Blind Forest, Idarb, ScreamRide and Blues and Bullets. Both consoles have titles lets leave it at that. I think as an Xbox gamer first there is no doubt MS is making fans happy and so far with the fantastic overall scores for Rare Replay, Gears of War and Forza shows the consistency.

InTheLab1166d ago

Can't really lean on the quality games bit when we haven't had a legit AAA title that's not dlc since Sunset Overdrive and that's barely AAA.

With that said, this holiday will be awesome for X1 owners. I really wish they would have launched TR early like last spring and maybe dropped the Gears remasters over the summer. Makes little sense to Jam them all into an already packed fall.

Hoffmann1166d ago

Your comment made me laugh, a bit.

Why o why1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Lol. Mr 'financially speaking' is now shunning sales. . Pure gold right here.

Ms are righting some of the wrongs they created. I'm not even bothered that they were forced to change and make a record number of 180's, just that they did. Many people will forgive ms but after last gens antics and this gens start, many haven't forgotten

Death1165d ago


No one is "shunning" sales, but sales aren't what make a console great. I thought most people figured that out last gen. The Wii lead in sales the entire gen, but that hardly meant the Wii was better than the PS3 or 360. There are many things that make the PS4 a great choice, but sales shouldn't be one of them.

As for the changes Microsoft made with the Xbox One, its a shame they listened to the wrong people when they dropped remote play and ripping your library. These two features would have been nice to have especially now that we see backwards compatibility and streaming to Windows 10. It would have been great to have access to hundreds of games and not just the one in the disc drive.

Are these the antics you fear?

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