The Hum: Abductions Tipped for PlayStation 4 Exclusivity

VRFocus reports on the revelation that Totwise Studios' The Hum: Abductions may launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title next year.

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Ashunderfire861165d ago

Oh yea make this happen! I would like to see a Alien Horror on PS4!

uth111165d ago

I'm just happy it's not yet another zombie game :)

KyRo1165d ago

Aliens are just as overused though?

Soulscare1165d ago

@KyRo.... Aliens as a horror aspect are as overused as zombies... Are you serious? In what world is that true? Multiple zombie movies, games and terrible TV shows are released every year, I don't think we have seen a single Alien horror piece of main stream media since Alien Isolation. Before that, I don't know, maybe The Fourth Kind? Aliens are only really used for action lately, such as Aliens, Halo, Resistance, etc etc.

uth111165d ago

Maybe in the past they were overused, but not recently. It's all zombie zombie zombie.

Still It be nice to see something else besides zombies and aliens too, but baby steps...

ChronoJoe1165d ago

In the article they just said it was one possibility. The author has spun this into 'tipped for exclusivity'. This is bad journalism.

ScorpiusX1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Like forgetting this bit

"but now it seems that the studios’ interest in the console market has ramped-up, with a potential *timed-exclusive* launch on PlayStation 4"

jb2271165d ago

That would amount to console exclusivity unless MS furthers their Oculus support beyond the virtual theater & second screen functionality or unless the devs make a non VR port of the title for the XBO. At this point there's been no mention of the XBO utilizing Oculus for its VR gaming capabilities. Sounds like there will be traditional titles to go along w/ the VR title that could see simultaneous console releases and they are leaving open the potential to drop the game on XBO if they decide to utilize VR at some point in the future.

1165d ago
Unyoked1165d ago

This looks really cool