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Picking up the steering wheel of your favorite car feels great, yes, but in the end, why do we race? Is it to show off our skills, polish our driving reflexes, assert our dominance on the tracks, push our vehicles to their limit? The answer isn’t as easy, but what is certain is that for years, for centuries, humans have raced one another. Regardless of their goals, regardless of the prize, we have always befriended speed. Behind the steering wheel, the feeling is mutual. You don’t need a million dollars to have a car with heart, all you need is the need for speed!

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Rookie_Monster1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

The person that submitted this review is also the reviewer. Hmmm?

Anyways, the game is a 9.0 after 42 accumulated reviews on N4G with this being the lowest so the old saying, you can't please everyone. Happens to every great game so no biggie as it is already highly acclaimed with the general consensus.

Neonridr1169d ago

I remember when Until Dawn got a review around 6 and all the Sony fans called it a clickbait article. Now we have an Xbox review come along which gives it a low score and suddenly it's fitting and accurate.

You can't please everyone indeed, just like you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Ezz20131169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

So one person at the top of the comment section agree with the score is "all Sony fans" ?!

Pogmathoin1169d ago

Seen great games get crappy reviews all the time here.... best to just ignore....

Septic1169d ago

@ezzo check out how many people agreed with him. Did you?

Neonridr1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

@Ezz2013 - you are right, my apologies for lumping everyone in there, but clearly there are a bunch of people "stealth" agreeing with him, and I doubt those are Xbox fans. my "all Sony fans" was in regards to the Until Dawn low scoring clickbait article, I never said all Sony fans felt this way about this game.

Regardless, yes it is only one person and one review for that matter. The game is getting high scores and praise across the board.

Every game is subject to a low scoring review..

user99502791169d ago

yeah but.... who cares?

Its a friggen review score. Bound to be all over the place. Internet is open season. For me, game will be a 10, so who gives a flippidy friggen frag what some dude thinks? I need this game NEEOW!

Pogmathoin1168d ago

Years of cultivating the Xbox brand was destroyed in one conference. As someone who has loved the brand since original, it was painful to watch, even though, some original features seemed a great idea, no one at MS seemed to know wtf they were talking about. It felt like a runaway train wreck. But a lot of damage was undone, turned around and it is now a much better console for it. Great games, great features and a much more positive future ahead. If sales are what its all about, well, so be it. Consoles go in cycles. I love PS too, since hearing Manic street preachers on first GT, it had me hooked.... but, were is Syphon Filter!!! That game rocked PS1 for me! Regardless, mistakes are made, lessons learned all the time.... do not dwell on it, enjoy it!

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"The person that submitted this review is also the reviewer. Hmmm"

There are loads of people on here who do that, it's the one thing that bugs me, self publishing reviews on N4G, most of the low score reviews are engineered to garner clicks for the website and start flame wars, regardless of platform, this review is no different.

Reviews like these are also the fastest to get approved as well, while the good ones get stagnated in the submitted section.

In my opinion, self publishing should be banned on here.

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The only poor review of this game, but I guarantee this will be the only one most people on N4G read.

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