Writer Joseph Staten is Working on Quantum Break, ReCore and More

SegmentNext - Previously at Bungie and now a writer for Microsoft Studios, Joseph Staten, has revealed that he is working on Quantum Break, ReCore, Crackdown and more games.

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christocolus1169d ago

Awesome. Jason Staten is one of the best in the industry. He also has a new halo novel in the works.

jb2271168d ago

Is it not strange to anyone else that such vastly different games from completely different developers 1st & 3rd party are all going to be penned by the same dude? Seems like he is acting more like a script doctor would for film screenwriting, going in and changing games around working off of the devs in house writers' work to make them more cohesive w/in the MS framework. Could be an interesting prospect, could bring some cool cohesion for the entire MS exclusive lineup, or it could end up detrimental by making the stories for vastly different ideas feel very similar. It's all down to the way this will be handled. It almost sounds like a version of Marvel's shared universe creative committee deal, definitely interesting to hear, hope it all turns out some great stories.

user99502791169d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Gotta be seeing more of Recore soon if it's a spring game. and by "more of", I mean "any of".

I have big ideas and expectations for it. A post-apocalyptic open world TPS with companions and the art style from the trailer would be outstanding if MS' applies their AAA quality control to it.

and if not open world, then instead a robust online multiplayer PVP mode.

supraking9511169d ago

Cool he wrote Destiny....seems hes just gonna write random stuff not focused at all.

Immorals1168d ago

Seems like they dropped his stuff a year before release

Chanogram1168d ago

As proven by recent court documents, it looks like a TON of content (story) was removed from destiny, for whatever reason.

spicelicka1168d ago

He barely got to write it, which is why he left. Whatever he wrote got cut short anyway, everybody knows this by now.