Six gaming mechanics that don’t make any sense

PSGamer: Whenever we switch on our consoles, we suspend our disbelief to escape into the world that the developers have created for us – but sometimes, things just don’t make sense. They wouldn’t ever work in the real world. Over time, we have come to accept that some things just work, that they are what they are, but it’s time to call them out for the insanity that they are. Without further ado, allow us to introduce “The Six: Game mechanics that just don’t make any sense”.

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Angeljuice1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Author is an idiot. Of course these things don't happen in the real world (except health regeneration which happens, albeit at a much slower pace).

You aren't saying anything that isn't already known by everyone, complete waste of time writing this (still at least it only took you 30 seconds).

ChrisW1197d ago

Wait! What!?! These things DON'T happen in the real world... Oh.. man... Mind blown!!!

bednet1197d ago

Also, in real life, when you die, you don't respawn...or fight zombies or dragons or dinosaurs for that matter...

gaming should be about real stuff, right? getting up in the morning and making coffee, bringing the kids to school and go to other words we should only be playing the Sims.

ChrisW1196d ago

Damn... You guys are ruining it for me!

Movieworld1196d ago

Officially the worst article I have ever read on NG4. EVER