FIFA 16 Player Ratings - 5-Star Skillers

EA writes:
Utilizing skill moves is a great way to beat defenders in FIFA 16. Here is the full list of 5* Skillers who are capable of performing the most complex skill moves in the game.

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5yb5n6u1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

total rating of martha: 88. heath 85.
does women's rating work differently? because theres no way someone on the women's foorball rates the same/higher than douglas costa (81) ribery (87) and neymar (88), for instance.
does ea even watch the recent women's world cup? id give the best player at that tourney 60ish and the rest are 40-50ish.
ea gave indias men nt 40-50ish with fifa 15 for god sake.

HxCGamer1166d ago

lol you could've ended your comment at the first question.
Yes, women's and men's rankings are different.