Forza Motorsport 6 Review "The Pinnacle of Racing Simulators" | My Games Lounge

"It's your move Gran Turismo" writes editor David Game in the official review of one of the best racing sims we've seen according to My Games Lounge.

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tgunzz1164d ago

Turn 10 brought the pain baby!!! For me, I race to perfection on 9/10!!!!

timlot1164d ago

The driving physics in the rain alone is worthy of the score. No other racing game has done it like Forza6.

urwifeminder1164d ago

A long time fan happy to see some deserved praise for these guys 10 years has flown by I get the same joy playing these games as I did all those years ago.

RiseofScorpio1164d ago

An 89 on Metacritic! Turn 10 is back.

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