Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Review: The One to Beat | USGamer

If the first Forza of this generation was all about the Turn 10 team getting up to speed with Xbox One technology, the second is all about content. Hugely expanded over its fifth outing with more than 450 cars, 26 tracks with well over 100 different configurations, and a myriad of racing activities to participate in, Forza Motorsport 6 sees the series return with a game that feels comprehensive and sprawling. It's also a technical tour-de-force.

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Rookie_Monster1169d ago

Forza Has always been the one to beat ever since Forza 3. This is no different and is the biggest Forza to date from Turn-10. A masterpiece of a racer indeed.

greenmiker1169d ago

Great reviews today for the game, another perfect score!

cfc831169d ago

Yeah big scores will be justified. First racer i've played that would make me want a wheel.