Forza Motorsport 6 review: One of the best racing simulations out there | Digital Spy

Forza Motorsport 6 might take itself way too seriously, but there's an argument to be made as to why - it's one of developer Turn 10's best games, and leads the pack over the likes of Driveclub and Project Cars.

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Septic1165d ago

Woah. Beast score. I deffo need to try the demo now!

Rookie_Monster1165d ago

You need to Pal. It is awesome and it is only a small sample of a great racing game. Probably the best racing game ever.

Black0ut1165d ago

Mate, you still haven't tried it?? Shame on you!!


Black0ut1165d ago

Cannot wait to pick up my Forza 6 Console bundle on the 15th. So glad that this edition to the series has evidently done well.


Kribwalker1165d ago

I'm sorry but Kudos are reserved for Project Gotham Racing :P

urwifeminder1165d ago

Would have also got the console but can bring myself to buy another xboxone just for that , the game will bring me enough joy ha ha.

greenmiker1165d ago

Another perfect score! wow!!