Does Metal Gear Have a Future Post-Kojima?

September 1st will see the release of the final Metal Gear game directed by Kojima Productions’ Hideo Kojima. Barring an incredible surprise, the creator of the long-running stealth/action series will be moving on to new projects, completely divorced from the universe he’s lead development on for close to 30 years.

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ArchangelMike1193d ago

Ofcourse it does. You not into pachinko machines?

XBLSkull1193d ago

Definitely does if they want it to, took Kojima a lot of games but he finally got it right with MGS5, others should have no problem continuing the series as long as they stick to the MGS5 formula and not try to include full pixar trilogies within the gameplay like the MGS's of old.

Germany71193d ago


Because other Metal Gear games are not praised enough. /s
Go play mobas or whatever.

KyRo1193d ago

What?! The previous MGS games in a lot of ways were better than V though? It was its own game, had its own feel, its own identity which many games copied many aspects from over the years. Now it's lost all that and become Far Cry with a lifeless open world. It's a good game but Takes a few steps backwards, not the game itself but because of the open world the game is played in.

I'd take the vast openness of areas in MGS 4 which gave you the freedom to complete the missions you were sent to do in many ways, then move on to the next totally new location to keep things fresh, over a beautiful looking but boring open world Afghanistan.

Moe-Gunz1192d ago


Really? Most fans will still say MGS3 is the best of the series. The thing is every one of the entries are different than the other. MGS1 was the cinematic introduction (precious titles was done in classic gaming style). MGS 2 had you play as a different person all together. MGS3 was a survival game. MGS4 was about sneaking through a war that you're not entirely involved in. Peace Walker introduced developing. V is open world.

To say he finally got it right doesn't make sense when he seemed to make the new installments vastly different. Still MGS 3 is the king of the series.

For me it's: 3, 5 or 1 (switch as you like), PW, 2, and 4.

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Agent_00_Revan1193d ago

I think they'll try at least 1. With a severely cut budget compared to Kojima's games.

rainslacker1192d ago

I see spin offs in the vein of revengeance.

Not saying others couldn't make a compelling MGS game, but I see the Solid series as over. Not sure if the general consumer agrees, and if not, then Konami probably shouldn't half-ass it because it could sour their consumers...see Resident Evil for comparison.

WelkinCole1193d ago

Not just because of Kojima moving out but also Konami shifting their focus to mobile games.

SolidGear31193d ago

Konami already had a press release back in the Spring stating there would be future titles.

Epicor1193d ago

MGS is such a money-making-machine that they'll surely try to continue where Kojima-san left off. However they'll have a hard time maintaining the old Kojima quality.

They could also try to remake the classics (e.g. Metal Gear Solid) - I guess Konami owns the rights to do this?

_-EDMIX-_1193d ago


"maintaining the old Kojima quality"? LMFAO! Soooooo you never got the memo that Konami is doing Moblie games huh?

How many on here just have zero clue about this?

I keep hearing many going on about what Konami will do...they've sorta made it pretty clear when they removed P.T, canceled Silent Hills and fired Kojima and removed his name.

At this point they could set fire to the development buildings and many of you would still state "wonder if they will re-locate to make the new AAA Metal Gear"

CEO states he's closing the gaming division-
"man bro, I guess they are outsourcing the IP"

CEO states they are selling the IP.

"wow, I wonder how they will make Metal Gear without the studios and IP"

I mean....legit how many clues does one actually need to get they've moved on to other projects? They've made it pretty clear how they feel about AAA games and clearly how they feel about Mobile.

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