Metal Gear Solid V Has the Best Sandbox Mission Design I've Seen in a Game

Robert Ramsey:

"I've finally had a chance to really sink my teeth into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain this weekend, and I've already came to one pretty dramatic conclusion: it has the best open mission design that I've experienced in a game. A pretty bold statement, I'm sure you'll agree, but it's one that I'm quite confident in - and not just because everyone on the internet seems to be raving about how brilliant Hideo Kojima's latest release is."

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Maxor1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

But don't you get penalized with a lower score for going Rambo though? This is the only thing holding me back from playing the game. I hate steath games that give me all these cool weapons then dish out negative scores because I pulled the trigger.

That expect of the stealth genre really need to go away.

KyRo1168d ago

I don't exactly get it. The missions I've gone around traqing everyone and not getting seen I've got a A/B but playing guns blazing I've also got the same.

On topic the mission structure is pretty messed up. Last night I had to go on a 'important side op' which then took me into mission 11 to fight quiet... That important side op should of been a main mission or the begging of mission 11. I thought it was a bit backwards tbh.

LAWSON721168d ago

The mission structure is fine, it is not like the other missions were required to understand the fight. The same thing happened to me, personally I was a excited to experience a surprise I was not ready for especially a boss fight.

christrules00411167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

You need to do the bonuses on the right side, no reflex mode, no times spotted, no kills, ect. It's hard to get an S but it is doable. That is part of what makes it so replay able.

LAWSON721168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

If you are effective you can use many explosive weapons while on a stealthy tactical mission.

Go Rambo just kill/knock out the enemy when they are not looking or before they can tell their fellow comrades about your location and you will be good.

Say you go in a fort, kill 4 guys in a split second, then all 8 other guards know your locations, have communications, and call in back up. I would not give you a positive score either lol.

Now if you approached that situation a little different before going Rambo you may have gotten better results.

MGS games have many gameplay elements and due to this there are so many ways to approach a situation.

An element to a mission is time if you went in guns blazing rather than slowly undetected that would effect score. The goal should be to accomplish a quick completion that is done by having a perfect mix of Rambo and stealth ability

Maxor1168d ago

This sounds a lot like MGS4. Going loud and mowing down the guards gives you a negative score for being spotted. Like I said, I have a huge gripe about this aspect of stealth games. Being spotted and having reinforcement being bought to bear should be punishment enough. The player should not have to suffer a negative score just because he got into a fire fight and the alarm went off.

arkard1168d ago

It's a STEALTH game, yes your score should be affected if you were seen. Isn't that the idea of stealth, to not be seen? To do something quietly without others knowing?

BassMan1251168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Not really. I always go guns blazing and rarely carries non-lethal weapon,I even sometimes carry a shotgun to kill a guard and create a distraction, and then picking them off one by one with my rifle without them knowing my position because I always switch to other places after killing one or two guards.
I still get an A or S sometimes though.

Causing alert mode is fine, just don't get hit too many times and entering combat situation too long.

I still remember in mission 13, I brought my sniper rifle (lethal), put on "Take on make", then slowly snipe the guards in the facility while watching them panic. Best part of the game.

WelkinCole1168d ago

You hate a stealth game for being a stealth game?.

What's next?. You hate a fighting game because it is a fighting game? lol!

Bolts1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

There's a excellent point here if you think about it. MGS is know for letting you bring a rocket launcher to a mission then wack you with a low score for blowing up some bad guys. However if you infiltrate perfectly without being seen, in the end you might end up fighting a giant robot that requires dozens of rocket launchers to kill.

This is my beef with the Deus Ex game as well. There are two ways to infiltrate a building. Going in guns blazing killing on your way in or sneaking in unseen. Guess which way award the most points? In short what is the point of giving you options when only one of them is way the game wants you to play?

WelkinCole1167d ago


The better question is. How do you get a lower rank if you can only do stealth?. How could you be distinguished then?. Options has to be there not only forr this purpose but also for replayability.

With regards to the metal gear. You are suppose to blow it up. Not stealth your way pass it lol!.

Who1168d ago

Well the point of the game is to infiltrate without getting seen, in the fastest time possible. Obviously you wouldn't wanna be alerting everyone in sight of your presence.

I play stealthily on my first playthrough to get an S-Rank, then I go back with all my fancy weapons afterwards to complete the remainder of the mission tasks - best of both worlds.

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ufo8mycat1168d ago

As much as I am loving the game, the mission structure is actually one of MGSV's flaws.
For example:
One of the main missions requires you to collect Intel documents
Next side op mission requires you to rescue/extract a prisoner from that same location from the main mission.

So why isn't extracting that prisoner a secondary objective of that main mission? Instead it's a side op where I have to revisit that same place again. Poor mission design.

Bass_fisherman1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

The design isnt that great...let´s be honest

There´s alot of spaces with nothing but grass ,trees and some animals. The outposts ussualy have the same exact tents and shelters and those barely have ways to sneak under which contradicts good level design.

Some areas actually feel diferent like the power station in afghanistan or the oil station/airport in angola.

On a final note, id like to mention the lack of good mission structure, some missions feel very disconected to the main plot. Peace Walker had those type of missions because it was an handheld game so the design choice made sense but in AAA release like mgs5 it doesnt imo.