Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale Details – 8th-14th September 2015

Neil writes "There's a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale in town. Want to check out the bargains for all Xbox owners between 8th-14th September 2015?"

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oKidUKo1169d ago

Almost perfect timing for Evolve to be on sale for anyone that was impressed at the free-play.

neil3631169d ago

Funny how these things work out eh!

Shadowsteal1169d ago

The fact that you two don't realize this was intentional is beyond me...

Mrveryodd1169d ago

I am sure thay realize

neil3631169d ago

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing Shadowsteal.

Shadowsteal1169d ago

Very difficult to note sarcasm in text without /s, because sarcasm is based off tone.

NeoGamer2321169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I also noticed they added Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 back onto the digital marketplace for 360!

BC support?

Rookie_Monster1168d ago

Great catch as I didn't know that. What also interesting is that it is not on PSN as it is only on Live so maybe BC is indeed a reality. The $39.99 price for both is kind of rediculous though.

ghostface91169d ago

Nice bf:hardline is having major discount that means more than likely this month or the next its going to be free on ea access

Jmanzare1169d ago

That would be awesome but I don't see it happening until we get get a new bf game

ghostface91166d ago

why the track record is around six months and its been that

Jmanzare1168d ago

I might pick up these assassin's Creed games because of BC