Crackdown - Developer Interview

The XCN sites recently had the chance to quiz the developers of Crackdown, check out our in-depth interview...

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3996d ago

people and thousands of vehicles on screen at one time, I don't know about that. Please have V-sync turned on.

ElementX3995d ago

Thousands of people and hundreds of vehicles.... even a hundred people would be impressive....

M4RK19883995d ago

Only if it doesn't drop the frame rate like on Saints Row. I would rather have tearing than a slow frame rate.

Jay da 2KBalla3995d ago

Yet another AAA title exclusive to the 360.

Cant wait. Co-op seems like its going to be really fun.

THAMMER13995d ago

I feel I would regret renting it. It has that next gen arcade/comic feel.

Say's you3994d ago

Crackdown isn't even close to tripple AAA title what are you a moron even I know that this game is ridiculous a black cop picking up a car when he's clearly not SuperMan this game is beyond [email protected]!.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3994d ago

have a problem with BLACK cops? Do you even know anything aboot this game?