Pricing revealed for the standalone Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Triple Pack DLC bundle

The standalone pricing has been revealed for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Triple Pack DLC bundle.

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JMaine5181192d ago

I'm cool with this. Naughty Dog hit single player DLC out the park with Left Behind. I have no worries about what they will do with Uncharted 4

BattleAxe1192d ago

I'm a bit worried about it. This means that they've probably made the base game with the DLC in mind. Very disturbing news indeed.

JMaine5181192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

That could be the case but that's not always a negative. Left Behind could've been made while making the base game but it never took anything from The Last of Us story. It was still amazing.

brish1192d ago

How can people disagree?

They announced the DLC before the game is released so yes they made the base game with DLC in mind.

Thatguy-3101192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Of course they had it in mind. It'll be a different story than what Uncharted A Thieves End is. Most likely it will be back stories about the new characters. Won't take away from the MAIN game they're releasing. Not hard to believe since games like these have many untold stories that can be explored through DlC.

OB1Biker1192d ago

'How can people disagree? '
Nothing wrong with disagrees, people are different.
I disagreed because I dont find it disturbing. Its very common practice nowadays.

inveni01192d ago

If ND had ever let me down before, I'd be worried. But they haven't. So I'm not. Let's remember that the game was delayed. They care about that $60 product. They aren't going to give us something unfinished. Suggesting they will is ridiculous and unfounded.

freshslicepizza1192d ago

we will be seeing more and more of this type of strategy as we move forward. it is simply another way to recoup development costs since the dlc is planned during development.

PhucSeeker1192d ago

I'm completely on board with the single-player dlc,but not so much the multiplayer stuffs.

Omegasyde1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Hit the nail right on the head.

No developer should be announcing paid dlc 6+ months before game is even released. Put the damn content in the game, We all know they are cutting it out from the base fame.

This is starting to become normal
which isnt cool.

Killustrious1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Do you realize how many games have DLC that doesn't affect the main stories enjoyment in any way?

TLoU Left Behind, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, RDR: Undead Nightmare, GTA 4 Stories from Liberty City, InFamous: Second Son First Light... that's just to name a few off the top of my head. If anything, those DLCs (except Blood Dragon and Undead Nightmare) had a positive impact on the main story and enhanced the backstory if anything.

I really don't see a problem with this... almost every game nowadays has DLC. Naughty Dog is one of the few developers I trust to give us our monies worth for DLC.

kneon1192d ago


I'm sure if it made sense to put it in the main game then ND would have done so. But they aren't going to include some back/side story missions if they detract from the pacing and flow of the main game.

pivotplease1192d ago

It's supplementary DLC that likely has little to do with the main story outside of vague backstory. Like a prologue probably. These don't usually fit well into the core game flow-wise.

jb2271192d ago

Yeah they may have the dlc in mind as to an idea for it, but they didn't start production on Left Behind until TLOU shipped & took almost a full year to develop, then they offered it as a standalone that anyone could purchase regardless of having the base game, most likely the same deal here. What's disturbing about creators constantly coming up w/ new ideas? Do you not think that they may have had an idea what to do w/ Uncharted 4 while they were producing UC3? Is it disturbing they didn't shove all of those ideas into that game regardless of whether or not they fit?

It's a supplementary story that wouldn't fit in the main campaign, w/ an entirely different playable character...what's so bad about asking for 10 or 15 bucks for an additive dlc for hardcore fans? If you don't want to pay, just don't get it...won't hurt your enjoyment of the core story.

People are just itching to find some crack in Naughty Dog. That's what happens when you're on the top. Maybe everyone should wait until these things release or they have more information before they make snap judgments. That's a good rule of thumb for life in general.

UKmilitia1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

no they wouldnt.
its naughty dog.

my instincts tell me that they want to talk back story for characters or introduce new characters that and if they dd it during the game it would break the narrative like in TVshows where thye go back a few episodes later to tell there story.

i fully trust them anyway.

Left behind couldnt of been put in the game anyway it was way better being done after then during for many reasons.

Kingthrash3601192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I read somewhere or seen on YouTube that the dlc was something they thought about not doing because it had nothing to do with the story...soo. yeah, I'm not worried.
I'll look for link
Here is one.

IamTylerDurden11192d ago

Considering every single company that has DLC for their game makes the base with the DLC in mind. So much so that companies even ship the disks with DLC code on them.

Very fair price for the DLC.

jb2271192d ago

I really wish we could be having discussions over the actual dlc vs. the baseless negative potential (in this instance) of bad dlc practices.

Instead of saying "Naughty Dog is greedy" even though we have no real proof or evidence to back that up like we have with a litany of other companies, it'd be nice if we could have a discussion on how cool it is to be receiving our very first Uncharted dlc.

The series has a focus across a few gameplay mechanics, platforming/traversal, puzzle solving, gunplay/melee combat, storytelling & huge set does that get boiled down into a single dlc? Will they focus in on one factor or will they try to present an even split like what's present in the proper series? It'll be very interesting to see how they decide to boil the essence of this series down into a dlc format & i for one am very excited for the possibility, I'll gladly pay my 15-20$ for the content. As a gamer, the prospect of this dlc excites me, and that's more than enough to justify its existence in my eyes. Anyone here care to talk about the actual dlc rather than argue in circles about whether or not it's bad business w/ people apparently unwilling to base each instance off of the only solid history we have to go by?

Also, this makes me really crave an episodic series featuring early stories with Young Nathan Drake & His Old Pal Sully....I guess I should be ashamed for supporting episodic content as well but I'm really over these blanket statements about simple future game format potentials...there is still a right way to handle these situations even though some companies may choose the wrong way.

medman1192d ago

Of course they made the game with dlc in mind....but that's a good thing. Naughty Dog, as always, has a plan for their franchises, they don't just make the stuff up as they go along. Maybe the dlc will focus on a character like Elena or Sully, and tell more of their story. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will stun like everything else ND does.

morganfell1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Tell us all BattleAxe, regale us with insight as to what actions committed by Naughty Dog in the past have given rise to this concern. What is that Naughty Dog, a company known for fan service, has perpetrated previously that has driven your honest concern... /s.

You said in past remarks you pick one console each generation and stick with it:

Then later you talk about playing the Master Chief Collection:

while attacking Guerrilla Games:

The above along with countless other incidents make it safe to say you are pro-Xbox and anti-PS4. Your concerns regarding Uncharted 4 aren't worth a hill of beans. Troll somewhere else.

skept3k1192d ago

News Flash! EVERY game is made with DLC in mind...

Most likely developers have already written and finished the full game story before or at the very start of game development.

Just because they announce there will be DLC, doesn't mean they MUST be cutting story pieces from the original game.

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Doodleburger1192d ago

Left behind was good? I played it once and forgot about it. I mean it was just a bunch of walking around and cover shooting. Wait a second, that sounds like the entire uncharted series and tlou in a nutshell!

JMaine5181192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I mean what else do you expect from the gameplay aspects of a third person shooter? But in my opinion, yes it was good. You got to see a whole different side of Ellie, they added some cool mini games in there, they added a new dynamic to combat by allowing you to pin clickers against human enemies and it was about 3 hours long which is good for DLC on this kind of game. It also had good character building and revealed things we never knew.

UKmilitia1192d ago

i take it your an xbox gamer then who hasnt played any of the uncharted games?
and u like jumping round and shooting with pistols in halo or something.

name a better game for story,characters,locations and setting?
specially last of us,it was amazing and prob best game i ever played for story type game.

jb2271192d ago

There was more solid storytelling in the 2 hour runtime of Left Behind than a dozen other AAA games combined. That ending was absolutely visceral, you could feel the tension & nearly smell the iron of the blood in the air. Then there was the carousel scene which basically brought the same kind of feels that the giraffe scene did in the full campaign.

It also introduced a new form of combat by having infected and hunters in the same encounter and being able to play them against each other. If that was all forgettable for you, sounds like you don't care for storytelling in the slightest, and you like to overlook solid gameplay mechanics...or you played 5 minutes and put it down. You can have your opinion on games, some things might not float your boat, but to suggest that the dlc was bad when multiple outlets gave it best dlc of the year & IGN gave it February's game of the month award against actual full titles & it's metacritic sits at 88 shows that your issues with the game may be baseless & biased.

IamTylerDurden11192d ago

@ Doodleburger #1.2

It sounds like the entire Gears series, minus the walking around.

If you saw all the Uncharted 4 gameplay demos/trailers you should rest assured that Uncharted 4 will include much more than just walking and cover shooting. That whole Jeep part, stealth based gameplay, grappling hook and vertical gameplay, new iterations on platforming, bike chases, enhanced melee combat, destructible cover, shooting from crazy positions like the back of a bike, while sliding down a mud pit, and while on your back, in dire straights.

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Rimeskeem1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Aw man I really hope the rare and legendary MP items aren't for class based MP. I really wanted them to go back to Uncharted 2 style where everyone started with an AK and picked up the other weapons on the map. People who had skill and map knowledge were always the victors. That's the way I like to play MP.

isa_scout1192d ago

Yeah I agree. UC3 MP was nowhere near as good as UC2 because of the loadouts and medal kickbacks. They tried emulating COD a bit to much. I'd much rather have a copy and paste of UC2 instead. I think the maps were a lot better to as they were designed for power weapons and map control.

ssj271192d ago

Uncharted 2 multiplayer was better than 3 but none were actually good, just fun enough. Let's hope they bring in a new experience and make a good multiplayer this time around.

thricetold1192d ago

Disagree. Hopefully it doesn't resemble UC2 mp design at all. I like loadouts over pick ups.

nunley331192d ago

I liked the uncharted 2 multiplayer better too, i hope it's more like that rather being like U3 multi.

triple_c1192d ago

I don't think people should fuss about this game's DLC being announced early. It's not like the DLC will be finished before the game comes out. They're most likely in the planning phase or early in development with the DLC and are just letting us know that there will be DLC ready AFTER the game ships.. Games like Batman Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X had DLC that was ready BEFORE the games released. If this games DLC is handled the same way those games DLC was handled then I would understand the complaints but until then I see no reason to complain.

Featuring_Dante1192d ago

Or they cut a part of the game to sell as DLC. lets not be too optimistic here because of this certain developer.

Vitalogy1192d ago

That's what I was just thinking about while reading the comments. I like ND and I'm thankful for their work so far but my wallet and common sense aren't blind to what's going on in the industry lately (referring to DLC's)

triple_c1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Don't worry, I'm not. All I'm saying is that the DLC might not even be ready before the game releases and could release months later so we should wait and see how they handle the DLC first before we start complaining and raising pitchforks at them.

seppo911192d ago

Well Left Behind is one of The Best Dlc's out there so I'll trust them until they prove me wrong.

It was not cut from the main game and wouldnt even have fit with The pace or theme Of the original.

Think we'll see something similar with The Uncharted dlc. Playable Sam in a prequel maybe?

jb2271192d ago

Or let's not pass judgment before we have any proper details? Literally the only 2 things we have to go by is the track record for this particular dev & the statements they've already made and those taken in conjunction paint a pretty clear picture on what to expect in this scenario, it's not about the caliber of the developer, it's about it's history of consumer practices, which is absolutely relevant to this discussion.

They have confirmed that we will play as a character other than Drake & they have claimed that the dlc wouldn't have fit w/in the narrative of the game. Their track record shows that they have never worked on an sp dlc concurrently with a retail title, and Left Behind took nearly a full year to release, so that should be evidence of those claims...then when it released it was supplementary exactly as they had said from the start, wouldn't have fit in the main game & wouldn't detract from the experience if you only played the main & never played the dlc, which was also offered as a standalone for the base price for those who didn't have the full game.

They also expanded on TLOU with a comic series, are we upset about that as well? Should our 60$ have bought us the entire comic series as well, along with the sp dlc & every bit of mp dlc? Are we entitled to every piece of story across any medium that a developer can dream up with our 60$ purchase or are we solely entitled to a complete and full experience comparative to other games in the series & other similar games outside of it? At the end of the day Naughty Dog will be funneling significant resources towards the development of this dlc and it won't come at the cost of the base game if history is anything to go by.

Look at it this way, if there was no Uncharted 4 & this dlc was the only game that existed (which could very well end up the case for some folks according to how much they are comfortable spending) would we be complaining then? Let's allow all devs to fully detail their intentions, if we disagree we simply vote with our wallet, if they are actively admitting to something that you as a gamer object to, then by all means, have at it...otherwise people are reading devious scenarios into a situation where they don't inherently exist.

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Lord-Nicon1192d ago

I really think they are pushing the game release and the "DLC" was supposed to be a part of the launch game..

Thatguy-3101192d ago

Naughty Dog is not like Bungie. They've stated that they learned from The last of us DlC so it won't be part of the main story

WitWolfy1192d ago

Not interested in DLC MP maps though...

seppo911192d ago

There's absolutely zero evidence of this.
The dlc will probably not even launch before months after the game has been released.

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