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Until Dawn is an excellent addition to any horror fan's PlayStation 4 collection, even if borrowed or rented, you’ll still be satisfied with a single 9-10 hour playthrough, but the seeming unending paths towards terror, gore, death and salvation will keep you coming back to see if you can survive another night until dawn.

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crazychris41241142d ago

How many of these reviews are you going to upload?? In the last 3 days you must have submitted 50 of them. Enough already. Doesnt take 50 to let us know that this is a solid game.

CoyoteHunter1142d ago

You know, seems to me, there's an incredibly simple solution. If you're not interested, then don't click the article!

OhMyGandhi1142d ago

what a novel idea.
Coyote, you're going places.

DarkOcelet1142d ago

That is why N4G was created. To collect all news/reviews etc etc from every website. I dont know why complain now.

luckytrouble1142d ago

I was going to agree on the volume of reviews comment at first, but at the same time, this game has proven that it deserves to stay relevant for a decent amount of time. People like it, want to talk about it, and from what I've heard, it's a game that has wider appeal than a person would think at first glance. I honestly wasn't expecting such a large number of critic reviews to roll in on metacritic for it, or for fan reception to be so great prior to release. I hoped, I was just uncertain.

As a PS4 owner though, I've been convinced that, at some point, this game is worthy of a new purchase because the devs made something worth buying.

1142d ago