MGSV Completely Overshadowed How Good Mad Max Is

Mad Max is one solid game, but going head to head with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may have been its undoing.

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scark921167d ago

Lol, not even clicking.

TheSaint1167d ago

Except you did click and you posted.

scark921167d ago

Misread the article headline :P

spicelicka1166d ago

Posting here doesn't really give the article any hits really, as long as he didn't open the link.

Magicite1166d ago

Just what I said - MGS5 gonna overshadow Mad Max. But it also clouded critics minds, they gave undeserved low scores.

PudgeyBurrito1166d ago

Typically reviewers are dedicated to one game per week in the industry. So while one reviewer is reviewing one game another one is reviewing another. This is to keep clouding from happening. It doesn't mean they don't play the other games on their off time. But there reviews are typically based on the game at hand and not comparatively. I could see this happening with smaller websites though. Less staff.. yada yada.

Pixelart1166d ago

Coming in here and posting gives N4G a click and an advertisement hit, who if you haven't noticed, feed of this all the same.

DarkOcelet1167d ago

I am getting Mad Max tomorrow. It looks amazing.

nX1167d ago

No way you finished MGS already :D
Ocelot should know his priorities.

DarkOcelet1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I am getting a Asus ROG G750JY GTX 980M 8GB tomorrow and i get MGSV for free with it XD . So i will buy Mad Max with it.

Its gonna be an awesome day with that beastly laptop. I am gonna finish Mad Max first or else i will never play it. MGSV will take all my time afterwards.

Hold_It1167d ago

It's not a long story lol. Started playing it @ midnight launch and finished it Saturday.

tinynuggins1167d ago

I have zero interest in metal gear but I'm excited to pick up mad max.

morganfell1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


For me Mad Max is easily one of the best 2 or 3 games I have played this year. I played the prologue of MGS V then went back to Max. I have been in it ever since. It will be a Platinum Trophy for me. Not one ridiculous fetch quest so far. It pays homage to all the movies yet at the same time it is completely its own animal. It adds wonderfully to the canon of Max as well. George Miller did not want to reboot Mad Max when he made Fury Road and this falls in line as a great canon expansion.

Mad Max isn't a 10 or 12 hour game.

Chumbucket may be one of the best written characters in a while. I say that because unlike some supporting cast, his vernacular and habits of speech are uniquely his own. They could not have come from any other character but him. There was obviously no writing the script then generically creating him afterward. He is one of those rare, wholly individual personalities.

And whoever complained about the hand to hand must not have bothered to upgrade Max. I have a friend that is a huge Batman fan. He has the full UD Replica regalia, does appearances at kid's hospitals, etc. He saw some of the Mad Max fighting and he said, "Tell Batman to take a seat."

This is a totally random encounter. And it isn't unique. Brutality in the Wasteland in this game is the order of the day. Eat or be eaten. I yanked a wheel off a passing vehicle with a harpoon gun. Then when they came running, I gave them a taste of the Black Widow.

DarkOcelet1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I love how brutal the game is. And that video looked great.

And i am a huge Mad Max fan so i will definitely enjoy this game.

I cant wait to play it tomorrow even though it will be so hard to play it with MGSV right beside it. The game is gonna look so good on my Laptop. Cant wait.

Its kind of weird when both of us were so eager to play MGSV when it launches and we end up playing Mad Max lol :D

morganfell1167d ago

It is strange. I first saw the original Mad Max in a theater. That series has been with me ever since right down to the Aoshima model of the V8 Interceptor on my shelf.

As regards Metal Gear, I think the end credits scene in MGS4 is the greatest reveal in game history. 20 years in the making. I did something most people will never be able to do that are just getting into gaming. I played Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, MGS, MGS2, MGS3, Portable Ops, MGS4, and Peacewalker and now will play MGSV. I played them in order and the truth of what we were told at the end of MGS4 was a total surprise. I feel sorry for people that play MGS V without having played the other games and with no idea of the truth. Its like the people that saw Revenge of the Sith as their first Star Wars movie. You can't unring the bell. There is a reason I have stuff like this at the house, I love the MG series:


Mad Max is the sleeper hit of the year. I have been running on coffee and Alagash Black since Tuesday. The world of Max is a desolate, brutal wasteland, the Plains of Silence. There is so much to do that not only directly affects your abilities, but it makes sense in light of the story and the world in which it is set. And the character of Max fits here as the line from Fury Road in which Tom Hardy as Max says, "I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead." The game will definitely put its hooks in you.

DarkOcelet1167d ago

I want that awesome jacket!

I understand what you mean my friend. Glad MGS series was introduced to me when i was young. Man, the memories of that game is priceless.

I actually shed a tear in the last MGSV trailer. It was an amazing tribute to this masterpiece of a series.

I know i will love Mad Max because i am just intrigued on the way the world feels and the atmosphere. Avalanche really nailed the atmosphere so its gonna be something to marvel at especially in 1080p/60fps.

skwidd1166d ago

I bow to you Morganfell. I started with MGS1 but you're a bigger fan than I.

I flipped over playing MGSV (14 hours in now) and already think its one of the best games ever. But something weird happened. I got Mad Max and tried it out. A few hours in and I couldn't wait to get back into the magnum opus. A weird feeling because I feel like it has this power over Metal Gear and its pulling me away when I had already decided I wanted to play all Metal Gear first. That's saying something about MM.

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AAWELLS091166d ago

Mad Max is a blast to play. I'm loving the game.

ion6661166d ago

I have both. I tried to played them back to back but I find Mad Max is much more entertaining. once I finish mad max fully its back to MGSV. I have quiet already. Metal Gear is awesome but I love the world of Mad Max soo much more.

Magicite1166d ago

It has got very positive user reviews on Steam.

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Rearden1167d ago

Hmm, the reviews would suggest otherwise.

Nunchez1167d ago

Sites like Gamespot and Polygon have lost their credibility long ago. The user reviews on Metacritic and even Steam are extremely positive. That being said it is a fantastic game and holds it's own perfectly well.

GigawattConduit1167d ago

WB really crapped the bed on releasing Max the same day as MGS.

Tankbusta401167d ago

They actually crapped the bed by not releasing it right with the movie that was absolutely raved about

hiawa231167d ago

Bought both digital games. Mad Max has none of the bugs, stutter, audio issues MGSV has.

Cernunnos1167d ago

MGSV has had no bugs, stutter or audio issues on my end.

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