Yesterday in Gaming History: "Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2" or "BMX PG"

Colby Primeaux writes, "Until its demise in 2004, Acclaim, had the only legitimate claim to be a rival to Activision’s action sports franchise, although with a roster not nearly as deep. What Acclaim lacked in depth, it made up in quality, and yes, I’m pretending BMX XXX never existed.

While I thoroughly enjoyed “Aggressive Inline,” and have written as much previously, “Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2,” released on September 6, 2001, is Acclaim’s finest offering in the genre, even surpassing Activision’s Mat Hoffman franchise."

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Snookies121166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I want a new Dave Mirra... I loved BMX 2, I spent so many hours just bailing and hitting things. Good times, good times... Loved the glitch where you could hang onto cars and get outside the level, lol.