Why I’m Sold On Hitman After The Gameplay Reveal

ThisGenGaming says "This E3, we saw some really remarkable games that will hit the market either late this year or at some point next year in 2016. Some of these games include Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, and of course, Hitman. Square Enix revealed the first gameplay footage of the upcoming game at E3 this year, and like many other fans, I am absolutely stoked. The game will feature you, Agent 47, as the world’s #1 top-notch assassin. Your job is to decide who you need to kill, how you will do it, and ultimately pull through with your plan. This game looks straight-up awesome, and like many others, I couldn’t wait to play it when I saw that trailer."

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Unyoked1168d ago

I want to hear a little more on the game first

bixxel1168d ago

I want to know more about the innovations that it has brought in this reboot. Not the news of how good the combination of Blood Money and Absolution is.