Uncharted 4 Having Single Player DLC Is Risky, Has To Be Amazing

ThisGenGaming says "It is not an exaggeration to say that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is one of the most highly anticipated PS4 games of next year, if not one of the most anticipated games for any platform. Uncharted 4 is also getting attention due to the fact that this is going to be the final game in the series for protagonist Nathan Drake, and possibly for the entire series. With this being a possible conclusion to the series, Naughty Dog and Sony are taking a bit of a risk by announcing that the game will actually have DLC."

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the-dragons-bane1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

It's naughty dog so i'm sure it will be amazing.

jb2271169d ago

"Uncharted 4 Having Single Player DLC is Risky, Has to Be Amazing, Will Be Amazing...Nevermind, Not too Risky After All"

Fixed that for them.

XboxOneX1169d ago

I really hope Naughty Dog do not add lots and lots of Micro transactions to Uncharted again. PLEASE!

Eonjay1169d ago

The half assed attempts at trying to attack Naughty Dog are really hilarious. They are tying to get so far out in front of the release... not to mention the DLC which could be a year away. No one doubts ND. It seems to be a forgone conclusion that Uncharted will be a masterpiece so now we are targeting a phantom DLC package. Left Behind was amazing... some say the best DLC of all time. So under what premise do we say that ND is at risk of anything.

NukaCola1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I don't see how it's risky if is an extension of the story like GTA IV DLC, Left Behind in TLOU or First Light in Second Son.. or completely an obscure like Undead Nightmare in RDR and Festival of Blood in inFAMOUS 2.

johndoe112111169d ago


What the hell are you talking about?

XboxOneX1169d ago

@Johndoe11211 This is EXACTLY what I am talking about.


bouzebbal1169d ago

what a moron the writer is... I will say 2 words: Left Behind.

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XboxOneX1169d ago

In Naughty Dog WE #Trust

Pogmathoin1169d ago

Prolonging the life of a game that will be amazing is a bad thing?? Stupid.... Like Fallout without DLC, a travesty......

XboxOneX1169d ago

The Witcher 3 DLC is amazing. But I am patiently waiting right now for GTA 5 story DLC.

Pogmathoin1169d ago

I love your disagrees because of your name..... Some real insecure people here..... Everyone wants GTA5 dlc.

Volkama1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

They've earned so much good will from their fans that they could charge £9.99 to kick us in the nuts and we probably wouldn't complain.

I hope it's something a little better though. Or at least that they wear soft shoes.

q8kik1169d ago

They literally charmed a big chunk of the 90's kids with their tactics especially in regards to age progression of their franchises

Crash is made for kids
Jak is made for slightly older kids
Uncharted is made for teens
And TLOU is made for adults.

Sneaky geniuses......

Crazyglues1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

It's Naughty Dog so even if it's not amazing, I do expect that if nothing else it will be worth the Money...

Naughty Dog is always pretty good on designing good content. / not forcing it on you and making it pretty cool -so I think with this, it will be worth whatever they decide to charge for it. /I don't expect Naughty Dog would try to rob you..

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Thatguy-3101169d ago

Single player DlC allows them to branch off to different characters or side stories that they want to explore. They most likely will cover back stories of new characters and their relationship with Drake

Rimeskeem1169d ago

Once again, if its anything like left behind I will gladly take it.

deathtok1169d ago

These articles pre-judging the Uncharted 4 DLC are officially this week's annoyingly hot topic.

MasterCornholio1169d ago

I´m getting annoyed with them as well. Naughty Dog did do very good DLC in the past so i do have faith in them. They are not like Capcom or anything similar.

FallenAngel19841169d ago

After experiencing TLOU DLC Left Behind, I'd say there's nothing to worry about

DoctorFry1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

How so? Left Behind was laughably disappointing and short. But hey, at least I got it for free since I got TLOUR.

PeaSFor1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

are you on crack or something?

just by curiosity, whats your psn id?

Subaruwrx1169d ago

@DoctorFry - Your opinion about Left Behind while not laughable because your entitled to it, is definitely in the extreme minority.

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