New Driveclub Trailer Shows All the Goodies You Get in One of the Best Season Passes Ever

Season Passes are often hit and miss, providing wildly variable amounts of content, that often isn’t really worth what you pay for it. This isn’t the case with Driveclub, that had one of the best season passes ever, offering 32 DLC at a quite affordable price.

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Forn1169d ago

Damn good deal. Been enjoying Driveclub since day one, and the dlc has only encourage that enjoyment.

ballsohard20131169d ago

they gonna finally add tuning and customization or nah? lol

KwietStorm1169d ago

You say finally like it's some inevitable necessary part of it. Driveclub isn't even a simulator. There's a reason there are different types of games in the same genre.

SCW19821169d ago

Clearly you have no Idea what kind of a game Driveclub is. Thats okay keep talking like an uninformed 3rd grader, it makes you look awesome.

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loopygames1169d ago

Damn that trailer was so good.

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