God bless the games that are ditching multiplayer

If you chase two rabbits, you lose them both.

All mammals aside, nobody would argue that games that are developed with both single player campaigns and multiplayer elements present a great value for your dollar, but more often that not, one of these modes fails to be as strong as the other

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remixx1161170d ago

Amen no doubt, bloodborne, the ditcher 3, MGS V and until dawn are 4 great games this year that didn't really put an emphasis on multiplayer.

It shows that single player games are still very desirable. Soon fallout 4 and persona 5 will prove this again.

Even tomv raider dropped its crappy tacked on .ultiplayer in the reboot sequal.

Plus its slightly harder for devs to screw us with micro transactions and doc with a single player only game.

SmielmaN1170d ago

In relation to the title of the post, I agree completely. Give me an incredible game I can sink 30-50 hrs into every game more and will keep me heading back into the world for more. I don't need to chase around other ppl all day, even though I do enjoy it every now and then. But my fav game experiences have been Metal GEAR solid games, resident evil 1-2-3-4, uncharted, God of war, last of us, shadow of the collosus, silent hill 1-2. All strong single player that really hooked me. Even these new batman games have been really enjoyable for me. Great stories and gameplay are what I appreciate most in gaming. And good/innovative graphics/presentation, of course.

USMC_POLICE1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I've had more fun this year with witcher and metal gear then any multiplayer game in recent memory.

freshslicepizza1170d ago

that's fine but why must e choose one or the other which this article is pointing to? seems rather weird how so many say they love single player games yet are so apprehensive to support games that are multiplayer only or online only. both can offer enjoyable moments.

the trouble is when games try and do both while hurting the possibility of how the game could have been if they simply focused on one or the other. trouble is so many seem to be reluctant to pay full price for games that focus on online even though you can get more hours of enjoyment.

PhoenixUp1170d ago

I'm still glad that I can have a game like MGSV that excels both at single player and multiplayer

RealFry1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Really your able to experience that right now with all the server issues?

deadpoolio3161170d ago

Or the FACT that the main part of the Multiplayer isn't even functioning at the moment and doesn't until next month....Maybe Phoenix took a time machine to the future, I definitely wouldn't judge MP just off of FOB

lastking951170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Not every game can have a good mp. It's setting isnt built for mp but if a game with a great mp ditch it, it's nothing that should be celebrated. MP add much replay, money value, game night stories, ect.

GtaV without mp? A great game still but that's taking away a special aspect of it

Halo without MP? Still a great game but oh god no it's mp is one of the best.

If a game has a tacked on mp than yeah go ahead get rid of it but if it's as good or special like the one's above get the pitch forks

morphodite1170d ago

I think The Last of Us proved that multiplayer is just unnecessary when the main focus of the game is a solid single-player experience. No one ever talks about the multiplayer of that game, because it sucked and no one really cared very much about it to begin with. I'm just glad the shit multiplayer didn't affect the quality of the campaign.

objdadon1170d ago

Lol, tlou multiplayer was and still is successful. Plenty of people still play and it may be the most balanced multiplayer in quite some time.

mkis0071170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

You just used the wrong game; it doesn't fit any of the negatives you said about it.

1) Everyone talks about the multiplayer and how "different in a good way" it is.

2) It didn't suck on any level.

3) Lots of people play it.

4)I can't believe with all the poor multiplayer implementations in games over the years you would choose a gem to try to make this point. Literally any other game could have been a better argument!

remixx1161170d ago

Lol chill guys, I'm assuming he is just trolling.

USMC_POLICE1170d ago

I think assassins creed is a much better example, coop yes mp...not needed as for tlou it is very popular especially among old socom vets like myself.

SolidDuck1169d ago

Your kidding right? The last of us is a great example of a single player game, nailing the multiplayer as well. Ill TLOU multiplayer over cod or any of the shooters that have been the same since about 2007. TLOU mp, is tactical, brutal, requires skill and teamwork.

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