The Bloody Phantom Pain Scene That Got Censored in Japan

Back in August, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima tweeted that the violence in “only one scene” differed between The Phantom Pain’s Japanese version and the international release. This, it seems, could be that scene.

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Farsendor11166d ago

Seems kind of obvious that it would be a spoiler.

TheUberAsian1166d ago

Without mentioning spoilers, what mission is this?

ChipChipperson1166d ago

It's more of a "tie-in" to side op missions. It will offer a bit of plot information, regarding only Paz though. It's one of the very first set of side op missions you get. It's the one that involves recovering MSF soldiers. Just play it, you'll receive an item and from there, you'll catch on to what to do next.