New September Update Available For Preview Members Today

A new August update is being released to all Preview participants beginning at 3PM PT on 6th of September This build contains a bug fix aimed at resolving audio issues for future titles.

OS version released: xb_rel_1508.150903-2141

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WitWolfy1170d ago

Meh... Maybe end of the month?

B1uBurneR1170d ago

Sucks as far as looking up for simple stuff like your friends list to send invite sucks

marlinfan101170d ago

Lol you just scroll to the right and click on the huge box scrolling through your friends gamertags

Shazz1170d ago

Damn thought this was the new ui.

TheHaloGuy1170d ago

Yea, I prematurely crapped my pants. :/

ThatOneRiggaNob1170d ago

I really hope they focus on bringing background music via apps or personal media to the X1 after this new UI is out. I love the snap feature but it's just some games I'd rather not have to snap.

TheHaloGuy1170d ago

^^ This has been my #1 feature request for quite some time. Hopefully they are already working on it.

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