Forza Motorsport 6 through the eyes of a non-racer

João writes "Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan nor am I an avid Forza player, in fact the only Forza game I’ve played was the first one of the franchise, launched 10 years ago on the original Xbox console. If I were to pick a racer, then I have always preferred the arcade driving games to the simulator ones. But, after experiencing the demo, that’s not to stop me giving my opinion on the latest Forza title."

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oKidUKo1170d ago

I'm still not convinced I'll get enough fun from a Forza title now I've played Horizon 2. This might be too normal..

neil3631170d ago

The exact issue I have. Used to be the first in the queue for anything Forza related and would have normally bought the Ultimate edition or the like.

This time around, I'm just a little more cautious. It'll be good, there is no doubting that, but Horizon 2 was sooo good, I'm not sure it'll be beating that.

oKidUKo1170d ago

I can't actually see any racer, except for a Burnout revival, bringing more fun to the genre than Horizon.

nix1170d ago

i feel racing games should not come out every 2 years... what they can do is release a game and then keep adding the content like how Driveclub is doing. just look at Gran Turismo, it comes out like twice every generation.

FlexLuger1170d ago

"just look at Gran Turismo, it comes out like twice every generation."

I think this is a poor comparison. GT does not make the strides in bewtween releases that forza does. We got fout forza games on X360 and they got better with each version. going from FM5 to FH2 to FM6, we again see T10 raising their own game.

I think they can slow down on the releases though. FH2 and FM6 will keep my racing needs satisfied for a VERY long time.

USMC_POLICE1170d ago

Ho2 was great! But to me as a person who is hardcore into racing they are two different games. One cannot beat the other. I love track racing and tournaments, a mustang gt is not ment to go cross country threw the woods and fields but it does in ho2 it's ment to be on a track, and that's why for me I'll enjoy forza 6 more then I did ho2. Also beating friends lap times and nailing apex is something Ho2 doesn't have and I miss that.

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Bigpappy1170d ago

This is a different type of trill. It is for a more serious competitor. Here you have more rules and penalties for your mistakes. The differences in the cars are more pronounced and the modifications play a bigger role.

This is 60FPS locked. Horizon is more open, but is 30FPS. Both great at what they do. They were smart to have both to satisfy different preferences from gamers. I can dapple in and appreciate both.

neil3631170d ago

Exactly...and whilst that would have been cool for me 5, 10 or 15 years ago, now I just want fun to be the overriding factor.

The fps thing does absolutely nothing to draw me in or push me away. I'm not saying you are at all Bigpappy, but I really do wish some people wouldn't make such a big deal over what is 60FPS, 30FPS, 1080, 720 blah blah blah.

Kavorklestein1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

You know what's weird for me is the 60 frames per second is what is pulling me out of enjoying the demo as much as I enjoyed horizon 2. Now I understand 60 frames per second is better for being responsive, but it almost just looks and feels too cheesy... like toy cars are driving... I don't get sucked in the same way that I did with horizon 2 that's for sure.

Like I feel like a delay in all the graphical effects actually enhanced the sense of speed.

Them really fast pace indy car driving on the forza 6 demo was awesome! But the standard cars felt too smooth and it broke the sense of fear on each corner.
The rain effects and the wet track was fun, but I feel like it would have been better at 30 frames per second at least for me..

To each their own I guess.

3-4-51169d ago

Forza 6 looks awesome, but I'm content with Forza Horizon 2 for now.

I actually slightly prefer it only because I get track racers + open racing = more freedom + a solid soundtrack.

I'm not hardcore into driving games so I only need one.

That being said, I still think Forza 6 is going to sell very well, as it has a huge dedicated fan base.

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BattleAxe1170d ago

I've never been a big fan of sim racers, although Gran Turisom and Gran Turismo 2 were lost of fun to race against your friends with couch co-op.

I tried the Forza 6 demo, and I was actually really impressed with it. I'm still not sure that this type of driving game is my thing, but it was a beautiful demo.