So Yeah, That Eel Thing in Super Mario 64

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“I guess only time will tell if we get something as terrifying as Jolly Roger Bay ingrained in the psyche of another generation of video gamers. Until then, I can only hope the kids of today will look back at a Minecraft skeleton with the same kind of traumatic stress.”

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MrsNesbitt1113d ago

God I hated that level!! But what memories of a childhood :) nice piece

c00lvilKid691113d ago

Thanks MrsNesbitt! I have never been so terrified of a game in my entire life.

poppinslops1113d ago

Yeah, somehow I found this just as scary as anything in Resident Evil... no wonder plumbers are so expensive.

Yukes1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Enjoyable anecdote :) I remember the feeling of anxiety as that eel charged out of it's lair straight at Mario. Not sure it affected me quite as much as you, though!

c00lvilKid691113d ago

To this day, Unagi the Eel still plagues my nightmares.

Pozzle1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

This eel and the piano in the haunted house level scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

c00lvilKid691113d ago

Haha! My friends and I would dare each other to go near that toothy piano in the haunted house! Absolutely terrifying.

DiscoKid1113d ago

Boy I tell you ain't that the truth...

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