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Harriet at GameSpew writes: "Aesthetically, Calvino Noir is the epitome of cool. It’s the lone figure standing in the shadows on a dirty street, the perfect glass of gin in a smoky jazz bar, the beautiful woman waiting for a train in a haze of fog.

However, this slow-paced stealth game, now out on PS4, PC and mobile devices, will have you feeling as cynical as its characters if you don’t have the patience.

In this mystery side-scroller by Calvino Noir Ltd, you initially play as leading man, Wilt. He’s appalled by what his city has become and is a master of the anti-hero monologue. He’s an eagle-eyed detective that can pick locks, find even the most miniscule of clues and take down guards. Wilt’s nothing new, but he fits into the noir genre perfectly. Across multiple levels, you play as three characters in total. Each one contributes a unique ability that will help you to uncover the city’s corruption, kick-start the revolution and fight for a better future."

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