Missing: An Interactive Thriller – Episode 1 Review | GameSpew

Rich at GameSpew writes: "With what appears to be a bit of a FMV game renaissance going on the moment, gracing us with great titles such as Her Story and Contradiction that show the genre still has a lot to offer, Missing: An Interactive Thriller – Episode 1 hopes to grab the attention of gamers and take them on a thrilling cinematic adventure. Sporting some stellar acting and some genuinely brain teasing puzzles, it’s an absorbing title that is only let down by its rather brief running time.

Awakening chained up in a dingy room, you mainly spend your time playing as David Newcastle, a husband and father that has been kidnapped and held captive. Confused as to his current surroundings, David has to quickly come to terms with his predicament and think on his feet if he is to escape his mysterious captor. For a short while you’ll also assume control of Detective Lambert, a man that is investigating a spate of kidnappings across the city. With its almost Saw-like premise, the story grips you from the outset and doesn’t let go until you’ve reached its explosive finale."

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