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Despite the mighty high of the summer blockbuster... Mad Max as a game is a mighty low.

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shloobmm31166d ago

I just don't understand these low reviews for this game. I have been playing it and it's fantastic. Ive spent much more time in this world than I have in MGS V. The world looks great, the combat is brutal, and the characters are typical Mad Max over the top.

HRoach6161166d ago

I know right. This game is so comparable to Shadow of Mordor which got great reviews. Why are reviewers knocking this game? Is it a 10? No. Does it have a few shity repetitive side quests? Sure. Is it an entertaining blast to play? Most definitely.

This is a phenomenal first entry in what I hope gets a sequel. With a few things refined and a few more features added, this games sequel would be GOTY material for sure.

This games awesome if you like games like the Arkham series or shadow of Mordor.
Ignore the reviews. Go play it. I'm 30+ hours in and loving it.

Bolts1166d ago

I'm spending more time in Mad Max than MGS5 right now. The car combat and melee is just so much fun. It doesn't hurt that the game looks great while running at a silky smooth 60 FPS either. These reviews are just plain wrong.

shloobmm31166d ago

I agree. Did the 7th main mission in MGS V came to Mad MAx and can't turn it off. It's a great game and they did an awesome job with it.

Nodoze1166d ago

Gotta love all these ads. Every one of them features girls in skimpy clothing with breasts everywhere.

They must be getting ALOT of click throughs here.

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