I Would Totally Play This First Person Ant Simulator

Logan Booker:

"Back in Maxis’ heyday, the developer pumped out all sorts of simulators, some more memorable than others. Although SimAnt never became a full-blown franchise, it is one of the more fondly recalled of the company’s products. Thanks to the efforts of one indie, we might be able to enjoy the SimAnt experience again — from the point of the ants."

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Relientk771193d ago

SimAnt in first person view

this could be sweet

Count_Bakula1193d ago

Oh man, I'd love a new Sim Ant haha. I wish this was third-person though. Want to be able to peep my ant's abdomen

Nekroo911193d ago

Add VR and you can call it Motion-Sickness simulator

Balsanoid1193d ago

Cool prototype. I just hope the final release isn't full of bugs.