Hermen Hulst on making Horizon happen


"After years of working on the largely unevocative Killzone franchise, not many expected Guerrilla Games to come up with something as intriguing as Horizon Zero. With its absence of guns and giant robo dinosaurs, Horizon is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games on PS4 (even if the game did leak seven months early). In a previous issue of Edge, managing director Hermen Hulst discusses how the Dutch studio brought the world of heroine Aloy to life."

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DragonDDark1170d ago

This and uncharted 4 are my most anticipated games in 2016.

PowerPlayaaa1170d ago

Same here :-)

My top 3 games for 2016 is:

Horizon zero dawn
Uncharted 4
Dark souls 3

Next year is going to be massive year for Gaming :-)

Forn1170d ago

Same here. Those three games alone could take up my entire gaming life next year.

chrisx1170d ago

can't wait to play this game..its almost on the horizon

mayberry1170d ago

To describe the Killzone frachise as “largely unevocative” frachise is not accurate, millions of copies of each iteration are purchased by shooter fans worldwide. Killzone 2 is felt by most gamers as in the top 5 shooters of all time. I was not shocked at the quality of Guerillas new title, even if it does depart from the “shooter” genre. Guerilla Games have always put out quality games with superior attention to detail.

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