The Soothing Dullness Of 'Mad Max'

Forbes: It’s certainly a strange experience to play Mad Max alongside Metal Gear Solid 5. Both are open world games set in the desert where grizzled men take out an endless string of enemy camps. But they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of how they tackle the topic.

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superchiller1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Wow, Forbes is really on a roll with crappy gaming articles lately. Not even going to give them the clicks.

Story quality? WTF?
Like this website? No

freshslicepizza1167d ago

then why bother commenting? they say the game is boring because you do the same thing over and over again. if you want to comment try countering what they say if you don't agree.

superchiller1167d ago

Why bother commenting? Because Forbes is notorious for putting out crappy clickbait articles, all to garner revenue, and they've been on a huge roll doing that lately. It's shameful and a disgrace to the hobby we all love. And it's a malicious tool to damage the hard work of game developers.

Most reviews are giving the game solid 7-8 scores, so Forbes trolls for clicks with ugly, mean-spirited garbage like this. It's really a disgusting and disgraceful thing.

freshslicepizza1167d ago

fair enough about forbes but what they say about the game, is it not true? is the driving good in it? is it repetitive in nature where all you do is collect scrap? does the game lack polish? does the world feel pretty empty (which is fine for the movie but for a game does it work)? forbes suggest just cause also is repetitive but it was a lot more fun in the process.

i was interested in this game before so i just want to know myself.

2cents1167d ago

I was thinking the same thing,

what the hell is going on over there?

I had the unfortunate pleasure of reading it... I wish I didn't.

Metal Gear Metal Gear METAL GEAR!!!! ok, ok... we got it, you all think MGS-V is better. Yay for you all. Now F off and let us enjoy Mad Max.

There is no space to enjoy just one thing anymore, every experience seems to be tainted with another.

WTF does Snake and his tactical espionage have to do with a post apocalyptic desert of bones and axles. So sick of everyone jumping on bandwagons without a single useful thing to say.

Mad Max is my surprise hit of 2015. Cant wait to get home tonight and finish beefing up Jeet's Stronghold :)

Grave1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I read the article and agree with the author 100%. It's really tough to play this and MGS V side by side. What makes it worse is that I have also played Shadow of Mordor, the Batman games, and Just Cause 2. Mad Max is a bit of fun, but it doesn't really compare to any of those games. If I had only played Mad Max I'd probably think it was pretty awesome.

Yukes1167d ago

Perhaps you could, you know, not play them side-by-side then? Mad Max is a great fun and very moreish game, compared to the seriousness and often depressing tones of MGS.

Mad Max is just a victim of its release window.

Grave1167d ago

You are right. I am going to play Mad Max first and soon as I finish the story I'm going back to MGS V.

antz11041167d ago

Lol two totally different genres. There's nothing wrong with borrowing great components from different titles and compiling them into a really fun game. But playing them side by side and then wondering why Max doesn't do something as good as Metal Gear is redundant, just play one at a time and appreciate then for what they are.

OhMyGandhi1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

See, for me, this is the one thing that really scares me away from games like this. I'm all for an open world, car combat, and some nifty out-of-car combat...But if by design, you develop such a world, and litter it with checkpoints on a map, that's not a game, that's tedium wrapped in an interactive package, praying on those (like myself) with unhealthy OCD who require total completion, regardless if the side missions are fun, or chores.

I've yet to finish Black Flag, and Far Cry 4, and even Shadow of Mordor, with it's incredible Nemesis system felt overwhelming with it's "content".
I love Mad Max. I actually really enjoyed RAGE's vehicular comabat sections, and I I've yet to play this game but I feel like I've already played it.

Jim Sterling's review of the game encapsulates exactly my fear of games like these:

"It’s just stuff. Exhausting, tiring stuff. The very opposite of a game like Wander or Submerged. While those games present a massive vacuum of things to do, Mad Max drowns its player in endless scarecrows to tear down, snipers to kill, encampments to dismantle, and scavenging posts to loot. None of it compelling in the least. One day I will die, and I cannot do so knowing I spent so much of it unlocking markers on gigantic maps by climbing really high in a digital sky."

I suppose that is why people are so excited for Fallout 4, and why so many loved Witcher 3...These worlds NEEDED to be huge, to accomodate the mission design.

I imagine a game like Mad Max could have been a tight, cohesive linear experience with insanely fun driving sequences. Then, to extend replay value, they could have vehicular combat and racing, and other play types via multiplayer with enough deep customization to keep it around for a long time. If Naughty Dog can make incredibly addicting multiplayer in Uncharted 2, then Avalanche/WB could of done the same with this game, which is absolutely ripe with potential.

This is coming from someone who was huge into multiplayer on xbox and 360, and have been hardcore single player ever since. I'd take a tight, perfectly paced single player and added on multiplayer, then a huge expansive desert and busywork to lose interest in after a few weeks.

g-nome1167d ago

Loving Mad Max .. and sure many will ... no matter how Forbes try to spin it.

Scatpants1167d ago

Wow Forbes 2 articles dissing Mad Max. Did Mad Max screw your wife?

Unyoked1167d ago

This game is really relaxing