Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – how to make GMP quickly

Make a lot of money in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain with these handy tips.

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Xbonewone320151142d ago

Tell people there is a way of making in game currency quickly.... makes more people buy the game....

....then 'fix the glitch'....

....making people spend real money to buy in game currency....

....devs must think we are stupid.

cannon88001142d ago

The article didn't mention about taking advantage of glitches to earn more gmp. They are all legitimate ways of getting more gmp. No cheating required. Just smart gaming.

philm871142d ago

He was so eager to get the first comment in that he didn't bother reading the article :)

So far I've seen no reason why you'd need to spend real money, unless you're incredibly impatient.

Summons751142d ago

On if that scenario were true it'd be Konami pushing for any glitch to be fixed. 2 I haven't spent a single dime (besides the 60 to buy the game) and have nearly 7mill GMP and honestly there is nothing in the game prompting me to buy the microtransactions or preventing me from I tend to forget about them.

sevilha821142d ago

How about start reading the articles before saying nonsense.

NO glitching required only a small list and tips of in how doing certain actions (as any smart and veteran gamer would)higky increase your GMP income.

And by the way,speakin like the way you do,DEVS know you are.

TheWackyMan1142d ago

yeah don't do any of that, just sell a bunch of your precious metal, boom instant 5 million max GMP. You don't use precious metal for anything other than your hand and d-walker things, if i'm not mistaken, so just leave some left for those development projects.

DragonDDark1142d ago

I just finish missions and I am getting full GMB all the time and I don't know what to do with all the GMB lol

LightofDarkness1142d ago

I'm not having any issues earning GMP. Fuel, on the other hand...

philm871142d ago

Best way I've found is upgrading the intel team as much as you can, then more just appears on the map.

ArchangelMike1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Walk around you command centre. Find the giant containers in the dock - fulton them all. Instant resources.

christian hour1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )


"Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fuel, gimme that which I d-Fuel."

I know thats not how the song goes but its all I can sing in my head these days, constantly low on fuel (well, not low, just in constant use, soon as I have enough to expand its all gone etc)

LightofDarkness1142d ago

Haha, yes. Might have to get custom soundtracks working on my iDroid, or better yet my chopper, so I can terrorize camps with Piquad blaring Fuel while I go all shock and awe on their asses.

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