Will Apple TV Be Competition For PS4 And Xbox One?

Forbes: When we talk about video game consoles, we tend to talk about Xbox One vs. PS4, Sony vs. Microsoft. The PS4 is dominating, the Xbox One is reconfiguring and catching up, and the whole market looks healthy overall. Still there’s something odd about that particular framework: both are hugely similar machines, competing over the same market. There are some truly excellent games rolling out these days, but one can’t help but get a red ocean feeling out of the way things are framed. There’s a blue ocean out there in video game consoles, but nobody’s quite trying to make it work right now. There’s reason to think that Apple is going to take a crack.

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FallenAngel19841171d ago

For the last time, the Xbox One is not catching up to the PlayStation 4. Its actually falling further and further behind every week.

Also at this point nothing can really threaten Sony's and Microsoft's fastest selling consoles, especially not something like Apple TV.

Volkama1171d ago

I bet that's not the last time you say it. And when you say it again I'll be there to remind you of your words. Watching you from the shadows and reading every post, just waiting to be really pedantic.

Unless I find something better to do.

I really hope I find something better to do.

Spotie1171d ago

So do I.

Anyway, I don't see it. Unless someone can point out the developer studios they've been building to create first party titles, it's just gonna be another Ouya. Only with Apple's name on it.

Especially if it's not on the same level, power-wise. Then it'll face the same third party drought the Wii U is suffering from.

Jmanzare1170d ago

Yea and at least the ouya has emulation

Zeref1171d ago

This is Apple.
They will market the shit out of this thing.
It will sell simply because Apple.
I bet Microsoft already has a contingency plan for when this happens since they know Apple pretty well.
Not sure about Sony.
This is not Ouya.
And not another nameless Android console. It's Apple one of the most marketable brands in the world. If they market this as a gaming console.
They should be preparing for the worst.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

People are getting fed up though, especially seeing as their hardware becomes outdated so quickly (via software, lol). Sales are dropping everywhere but US and Japan.

kneon1170d ago

You're right that it could sell well, but the people the are most likely to buy this were unlikely to buy a PS4/XB1 in the first place.

Jmanzare1170d ago

It's not like this is the first apple TV
I've owned one of the older models. It was cool especially the mirroring but I just stopped using it

1171d ago
stuna11171d ago

Short answer NO! No 1st party studio, no recognition as a major gaming platform.

THC CELL1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

No one catching PlayStation.. Good idea tho Sony and Ms should join and make games together and a console. It will be amazingr

Steve jobs must be turning in his grave u no he hates games right

SaveFerris1171d ago

Interesting idea. Sony brings the hardware, and MS the OS and network. And both bring their game libraries.

Aenea1171d ago

Oh please no, I hate MS's OSes with a passion

fllysurfer1171d ago

he considered games a productivity killer... a waste of time.

Nodoze1171d ago

Considering Steve Jobs started at Atari long before he crafted Apple, he definitely liked games.

To much THC damages your cells.

fllysurfer1166d ago

Steve Jobs collaborated with Atari and never on games, it was a hardware partnership... didn't found it, didn't start it.

fllysurfer1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

This is no longer the Steve Jobs´s Apple, whether thats a good or bad thing only time will prove. However it´s not surprising that with all their cash reserves that they would try new venues (wearables, cars, enterprise markets, home automation, content creation and distribution "Netflix" style even VR patents for Apple have popped up ), lots has been rumored and its pretty obvious they are trying to diversify more.

The Apple TV won´t focus primarily on gaming, certainly not hardcore gaming but will undoubtedly try to tap into the already mobile casual gamer... and that´s a huge market.

If anything they are dipping those waters, however I suspect they want to have a space in the living room one way or another.

I won´t be surprised if the upcoming AppleTV start coming slightly beefier in terms of specs... but it will be a uphill battle to persuade people to take a plunge to buy one.

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