'Mad Max' Should Be Ten Bucks

Forbes: On Tuesday, gamers were treated to a serious tug of war. Okay, not that serious. But they were asked to choose between two of the year’s most anticipated titles, Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. I haven’t seen the numbers, but the winner was pretty clear. Even in the court of public opinion, Mad Max lost the day. In fact, Mad Max has been losing since E3. That was the first time the public was given an opportunity to see and try the game. The results were astounding. Before its time on the show floor, people were clamoring to see it and try it. After doing so, no one wanted anything to do with the title. The fight controls were fine, but driving was terrible. For a game built around the car, that’s not good.

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timmyp531171d ago

When first party titles were fifty and 3rd party were 60. No way is this game worth ten. It came out at the wrong time though definitely. Who wants to guess sales?

NewMonday1171d ago

playing copy and paste uninspired missions over and over is not how to make a good sandbox game, simply a checklist game with nothing to hold it together.

same thing with Rage, squandered high potential

even my kid nephew couldn't stay interested in this game more than a day

Avalanche over-emphasized the 'mindless' in "mindless fun"

jetlian1171d ago

same could be said for mgs5!!! get prisoner 20 out of the zone. of the 157 side ops its mostly the same $%#^ over and over.

Ive done 90+ last time i played and the shakey cam on cutscenes is terrible. kojima should be slapped for it. Also no cutscenes shakey cam cant be turned off

KyRo1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

@Jet I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sees through MGSV. Don't get me wrong it's a good game buts become stale for being open world and lost its identity as a series with V. It's the problem 90% of open world games have though, not just MGSV. Most open worlds have different areas to look at but once you get past the initial wow factor the rocks and lighting you soon realise that MGSV open world is pretty boring along with lot of boring missions. It's the AI that makes the game fun, not the rubbish 'rescue this guy, kill this guy, fetch this item' which other games get ripped into for doing exactly that.

NewMonday1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


you know everyone reading that comment are just going LOL


clearly some people just like random explosions and aimless play, Mad Max is clearly for you and only for you.

like some people just like watching random compilation clips on youtube rather than go see a blockbuster movie.

RustyShackleford1171d ago

Metal gear isn't exactly copy paste..there are many different ways to approach each scenario. If it feels repetitive to you, you should reevaluate your play tactics.

WellyUK1171d ago

MGSV has the exact same problem. Side ops are uninspired and repetitive, the main missions are hardly any different either. Mad Max IMO has a more interesting open world than MGSV, all MGS has is a few goats and guards wandering around. Also MGS is a bad stealth game. Why? because it's stealth is just crawling around the place. That's just boring and badly designed.

Yes Mad Max isn't a great game but neither is MGSV and I think people will start to realize this over the next few weeks, MGSV in comparison to Witcher 3's open world is bland, empty and uninteresting.

MGSV is a good game as I haven't really stopped playing it but it has issues that if any other game would of had the review scores would never of been as high.

UnHoly_One1171d ago

Ahhh, rusty, the age-old excuse of:

"There is nothing wrong with the game, you're just playing it wrong."

I love that one.

It's even better than the classic, "The game is fine, you must just suck at it".

JustInTlME1171d ago

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one not "loving" MGSV. It's just not a metal gear game IMO. I don't hate it per say, but I don't love it at all. I've been finding excuses to play other games instead.

antz11041171d ago

Lol, Forbes? Really?

Most gamers that purchased it are really enjoying it. Open world scrounging for water and supplies, building an awesome car, and all the combat is solid across the board.
$20 says you didn't even touch it and watched your nephew that is apparently the standard for deciding if games are good:/

zidane13411170d ago

Wow look at all the fools bashing mgs LOL. If the games repetitive to you, then your doing something wrong. There's a reason it's been getting great scores. I love mad Max too, but only fools can say stuff like some o. You have been. I'm 40 hours in, 15% and am nowhere near seeing anything close to everything it has to offer. Side quests are varied too, have any of you even played mgs 5???

OhMyGandhi1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I feel the same way about MGS right now.
So far, I haven't had that moment like in previous Metal Gear games where I can say, "holy moly, this is absolutely revolutionary."

Then again, Metal Gear has the more interesting story line, but Splinter Cell (to me) is the better stealth game. In Splinter Cell I can pull people off of ledges, hang upside down from pipes and break necks, I can wall run to get to higher spots, and I can do a split jump from two adjacent walls, allowing me to then either jump and knock that person out, use a gun to stun or kill that person, or drop behind them and subsequently snap their necks. Metal Gear? I can roll while prone.

Meltic1170d ago

the game is a masterpice go home instead

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Saijahn1171d ago

Mad Max getting killed for being too redundant yet only a few are calling out MGSV for the same thing. Both are stellar games in their own right but both are filled with redundancy.

Makes me appreciate the variety of missions in the witcher 3 even more. GOTY

SourtreeDing1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

completely agree...
i Loved the witcher 3

its between The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne for me... and maybe if Fallout 4 has something to say...

i didnt play Batman..

im on Mission 8 on MGS5 and it just feels boring what the hell. MGS is not meant to be open world espcially if there is nothing to do in it...
to tell you the truth i dont even consider MGS5 Open world..
MGS4 still my favorite what a fucking game that was.

Saijahn1171d ago

I've been grinding through Mad Max but the little I've played in MGSV TPP is pretty cool. I haven't played a MGS game in at least 10 years but I have noticed the repeat missions.

Not a huge problem but definitely not TW3.

frostypants1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Haven't played MGS5 or Mad Max yet, but Witcher 3 is pretty redundant. Outside of the main quest, it's like playing single player World of Warcraft, though with action mechanics (that themselves are clunky as hell compared to other action RPGs). The graphics and atmosphere are great but outside of that it's a very average game that doesn't really do anything we haven't been playing for the last 20 years. And despite the huge world, the sense of exploration that might make it awesome is almost completely nerfed by telling you where just about everything is. I've put about 25 hours into it, but I gotta say I feel like I may end up abandoning it.

I feel like there's an ideal middle ground between the structure of Witcher 3 and the sandbox nature of Skyrim that nobody has achieved. Whoever hits that balance will have an all time great game on their hands.

MysticStrummer1170d ago

"Mad Max getting killed for being too redundant yet only a few are calling out MGSV for the same thing."

From what I've seen of both games Mad Max easily takes the redundant cake between those two. Having said that, all games are repetitive to a certain extent.

@Ding - "MGS is not meant to be open world espcially if there is nothing to do in it… to tell you the truth i dont even consider MGS5 Open world."

Opinions are fun. Huge fan of the MGS series here, and Phantom Pain easily has the best gameplay (imo). To tell you the truth MGS5 is definitely an open world and I'm finding lots to do in it, whether it's missions or free roam. I don't know if I'll end up feeling it's better than MGS3, which is my personal favorite, but I'm blown away. The stealth and more action oriented gameplay are both very well done, so the player truly has a choice in how to approach a situation. Add to that a large open world, which further promotes choice. Sure it's not as populated as other open world games but considering the setting it feels pretty right to me, though a little more wildlife would have been good. To all of that add some very good AI and lots of different tools to mess with them. Good times in my book. My main quarrel with the game is that it's not very intuitive in spots, but the more I play the more I love it.

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Jaces1171d ago

Pretty sure I found more to do in Mad Max than Destiny. If anything, Destiny should be the one worth no more than $10. I pay for the amount of content, not how much time I spend in one game.

Max isn't perfect but it is hella fun. Especially coming from a fan of the franchise.

Afreelunch1170d ago

Haha I was gonna say the same thing. Destiny got much better reviews while standing on much less gameplay and story content. At least in Mad Max each "redundant" objective occupies a different part of the game world.

Yukes1170d ago

How is this click bait garbage of an article allowed on the main banner of N4G as an opinion piece when others are removed?

Seriously that title is just plain dumb. With its bags of content, great production values and at the very least solid gameplay it's worth $10? Come on, be sensible.

FITgamer1170d ago

I paid just under $20 so can't complain. I'm also really liking the game so far.

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OpieWinston1171d ago

Only makes sense to have that title and be from Forbes. Seriously they should stop writing gaming articles because they're a joke.

I've sunk a stupid amount of time into Mad Max and it's amazing. It takes Avalanches specialty of creating an amazing explosive sandbox and blending it into Millers universe. The game is worth full price. Plenty of hours in the game and it's massive.

All I've learned from the Mad Max fiasco is that there are a lot of morons in video game journalism who want everything to be spoon fed to them as far as story is concerned. Mad Max is about a world haunted by the past and loads of subtext.

Link2DaFutcha1171d ago

I'm having a blast with Max as well, the story is solid, the characters are amazing, and the car combat is insanely fun. Sure, it's a little repetitive, but you can approach camps in a bunch of different ways and the story is engaging enough to keep you invested. Most people criticizing it seem like they haven't played it enough.

2cents1171d ago

I agree.

I have been hammering this game since launch and I just cant get enough.

I love the bizarre relationship with chumbucket and I love his random biblically twisted quotes!

I love how Dinki-Di barks at the mines.
I love the dynamic weather... Man I got stuck in the most intense storm last night, it was EPIC!!!

The way they have nailed the feeling of exposure and bleakness is amazing. Some of the vistas are breath-taking!

I guess as you mentioned, people need things spoon fed to them, they lack imagination and a quiet mind to be able to absorb the bleak & eerie atmosphere of this game. I love that I'm not hand held through this game but left to my own devices as to what I tackle next.

I'm currently finishing of upgrading Jeets Stronghold, just the maggot farm left to build. :)

I love this game!

overrated441170d ago

Some of their gaming articles are actually really good, basically anything by Erik Kain.

wheresmymonkey1171d ago

Mad Max is great. After you get past the first few tutorial missions and it leaves you alone its great. just you, your car and best chum(bucket).

Hoffmann1171d ago

All of my comments should be ten Bison dollars for me every time someone reads them.

Hoffmann1171d ago

And I should also get 10 bucks for every bad FORBES article that was submitted to N4G and got over 50° somehow.

Germany71171d ago

"And I should also get 10 bucks for every bad FORBES article that was submitted to N4G and got over 50° somehow."

If that happens, you will be on the world's billionaires list.

LonDonE1171d ago

Lmao u crazy mofo
But i like it, u made me laugh!

jony_dols1171d ago

Every Bi$on dollar is worth 5 British that's a nice earner

eklektic1171d ago

I really don't understand the disrespect this game gets. I'm not even really a fan of mad max, well i am now. But that's besides the point. This game is fantastic. I don't think these people are playing the same game i am.