AMD's Robert Hallock: "The vast majority of DX12 titles in 2015/2016 are partnering with AMD"

It appears that AMD is trying to capitalize on its GCN architecture and the fact that it’s more future proof than what NVIDIA is currently offering. Not only that, but according to the Head of Global Technical Marketing at AMD, Robert Hallock, the vast majority of DX12 titles in the next two years will be partnering with the red team.

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Bigpappy1166d ago

Good for them. This give the industry some needed balance. Can't have NVidia to dominant, they seem rather greedy and that can get out of control.

john21166d ago

Exactly that. Competition is good for all of us

kickerz1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Hmm I was considering getting a Nvidia too. Hey guys can anyone help me here, I'm gonna buy a new gaming PC at the end of the year, ideally for gaming with Oculus Rift next year.. Should I go AMD which I read is working better with dx12 or go the more reliable and powerful Nvidia Titan... Hmm

R6ex1166d ago


Wait for Nvidia Pascal in 2016.

Never get a Titan unless you're rich. GTX 980 Ti is much better.

kickerz1166d ago

Thanks Rex will take that into consideration.. Might do a little research in Pascal.. Havnt heard about that yet.

freshslicepizza1165d ago

of course competition is good for the industry. we don't want one console or one pc supplier becoming a monopoly. that's why notch was weary of steam.

Qdog1165d ago

Like R6ex said, wait for Pascal. As of right now the R9 295x2 is measurably more powerful than the Titan (unless you are running Shadow of Modor at 12k with ultra textures) and cheaper to boot, even more so when you add an aftermarket waterblock for liquid cooling.

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crazychris41241166d ago

Hope AMD can step it up next year with their Greenland, Arctic Island cards and software updates.

Ashlen1166d ago

Computing would definitely be in a better place if Intel and Nvidia had more competition.

Aloy-Boyfriend1166d ago

Until they get their shiet together with their drivers, Nvidia will keep breaking their balls.

I honestly don't fear any Nvidia monopoly as long as I get my money worth with a working product.

duplissi1166d ago

Haven't been paying attention to the terrible quality drivers nVidia's been putting out the past several months?

Moving from a 290X to a 980 Ti was the worst upgrade experience I've ever had... The drivers crashed constantly. I used DDU to remove all gpu drivers, reinstalled the nvidia drivers, I even reinstalled windows... It wasn't until recently that I have been able to use my gpu without constant crashes.

LightofDarkness1166d ago

I did a similar switch, from GTX 580 to 290x then to SLI 970s (now 980 Ti), mostly because the 290x was a disappointing upgrade. I had absolutely zero issues with the entire process. This is rarely a case of the drivers being "terrible". Nvidia's been on the ball with game specific updates as far as I'm concerned. The only company to give me driver headaches ever has been AMD, with the exception of Dragon Age 2 back in 2011, and that was mostly because the game was heavily AMD optimized and mostly ignored for Nvidia users.

TacticAce1166d ago

Wow as soon as I made the switch to nvdia after so many years of amd they do this...

dreamoner1166d ago

I was like you and was set on getting an Nvidia this time but I just bought another amd card :P whenever I consider price/performance amd wins; which comes with future headaches... hope not this time.

BG115791165d ago

Change is a good thing in this case.

someOnecalled1165d ago

So nvidia is greedy for being proactive. Say what you want but amd should have been doing this for the longest. Console makers constantly do this does that mean Sony greedy when they send the ice team to 3rd party Devs. Oh that's right I forgot what site we are on.

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battlegrog1166d ago

Does this mean d12 games wont look or run as good on Intel compared to AMD or what ?

duplissi1166d ago

Amd, intel it wont matter. What this means is that 'supposedly' AMD's architecture is better suited for DX12 than Nvidia's.

Notice the quotes, as we wont know until DX12 games are out.

john21165d ago

we'll have to wait until the first batch of DX12 hit the street. Still, exciting times are ahead of us

RobLoPR1166d ago

Didnt Microsoft buy AMD?

duplissi1166d ago

lol, no. That was a baseless rumor.

blackout1166d ago

Not yet. Maybe sooner than later. We will see.

UltraNova1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Lets entertain this thought for a minute.

If there's a corporate lawyer among us please answer the following question, cause I aint one.

Say MS buys AMD, the latter makes tha most important parts of both the ps4 and XB1. How is it legal/possible for MS to buy a direct competitors main hardware partner?

Wouldn't such acquisition grant MS damaging advantage over its competitor?

Would that mean a short lived ps4 as Sony would be forced to go Nvidia's way sooner than later, limiting ps4's growth aka loss of potential income?

Long story cut short, can MS or Sony for that matter buy AMD, legally?

Azzanation1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )


Yes MS or Sony can buy AMD, because there is a very classy competitor in NVidia in the market place. It would be a different story if NVidia didn't exist.

No one is stopping Sony or MS using NVidia cards. It would be no difference to how MS use Blu-Ray or Sony using Windows on there products. The difference is MS buying AMD not Xbox. If Xbox brought AMD then it will be another story again.

MS and Sony aren't in direct Competition with each other, in fact they both rely on each other to survive. Xbox and PS are in direct competition and that could cause issues if Xbox brought AMD. Then AMD would remain exclusive to Xbox where as under MS it wont be Xbox exclusive.

Bobafret1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

So what impact will this actually have? You cannot alienate the majority of PC gamers.

Roccetarius1166d ago

Most of them are likely to be console developers, in which case this will be a wait and see thing. No sane developer would pass on more than 50% of the market dominance on the PC, so i'm not too worried.

AMD will have their 15 minutes, while Nvidia returns with their engineers and finances turning it around again.

pumpactionpimp1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Most amd users have been alienated since amd bought ati... so now that it's Nvidias turn to bend over, now your concerned?

Bobafret1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

You are assuming way too much about my comment, and even if I did prefer one over the other,which I do not, why would it matter to you? What a bunch of nutters on this site.

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