Games Out This Week on Xbox One 07/09/2015 – 13/9/2015

Are you planning on expanding your games collection but not sure on what’s out there? Well we have your back, let’s take a little look at what is coming out this week.

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NeoGamer2321197d ago

This last month of games on X1 has been crazy... Tons of indies games every week, plus Rare Replay, Gears Ultimate, MGS V, Dishonored, and Mad Max.

I am not a huge indie fan, but the number of games on X1 this past month has been insane.

Most are re-makes from PC and X360, but the support devts are showing is good for the console.

poppinslops1196d ago

My long-time Drivatar and I are waiting for next week - we're getting married (In California, where it's probably legal to marry virtual versions of yourself) before we buy Forza Motorsport 6... I say 'we', but I'm paying.

andibandit1196d ago

Surely Sword Coast Legends isnt releasing tomorrow is it??.