Here Is Concept Art From The Canceled Banjo Kazooie Remake

Back in July father of Banjo Kazooie Steve Mayles revealed unused models from the cancelled Banjo Kazooie remake with a working title of "Banjo-X." The first model shared was an HD model of a termite from Mumbo's Mountain.

Then just today Mayles shared an animated model of Conga also a boss from Mumbo's Mountain..

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OpieWinston1167d ago

The Banjo franchise was Directed by his brother Gregg Mayles who still works at Rare. So Banjo can still become a thing aslong as Gregg is still at Rare.

Hopefully Playtonics success will give Gregg the inspiration to work on it after he's done bringing Sea of Thieves back. (It was Project Dream, which turned into Banjo)

Zeref1167d ago

Banjo is a Microsoft IP...

Kal8531167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which we refer to as Kzoo, and there's a folk musician that plays the banjo and the kazoo simultaneously (while kicking a drum) in the park during our art fair every summer, and he calls himself Banjo Kazooie. I didn't see him this summer. I can only assume that is why this was cancelled.

OhMyGandhi1167d ago

I live in Detroit. If only Danny Brown played video games.

Kal8531167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I was born in Southfield dude! :) Ever go to Time Travelers in Berkley? Best comic shop in the Detroit area.