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A real contender for Game of the Year comes from the unlikeliest place - a movie tie-in game. Mad Max gets so much right and manages to stay true to its licence.

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crazychris41241169d ago

Totally agree on the minefield side activity. Not only is it the worst activity in this game but one of the worst side activities in my 17 years of gaming. What were they thinking??

"Ok guys we need 1 more side activity, who has a good idea?" "I got it, let get the player to drive a little buggy with a dog and have him clear minefields. He will be driving around for half hour looking for them then spend another 5 driving slowly around them then take another couple minutes to disarm them."

No one had a better idea like defending a stronghold or camp, attacking a tanker convoy then stealing the tanker and having to bring it back to a stronghold. How much fun would it be to take out the convoy security, rip out the driver of the tanker then drive back in this huge rig while being chased?? Sounds a lot better then clearing mines.

Wish someone would release a mod that clears all minefields. Gladly donate money to the modder that comes up with it.

Other than that the game is solid. 20 hours in and haven't even reached Pink Eye yet but so far I would give the game an 8.

Frinker1169d ago

Compare that to the mine disarming side missions in MGS V that take literally 2 minutes XD

KiwiViper851169d ago

As unlikely as it is to have a movie tie in GOTY, It happened last year too with Shadow of Mordor.

nowitzki20041169d ago

I thought DAI was GOTY. Much deeper than SOM.

KiwiViper851169d ago

Sorry, contender.

But I'm sure at least one outlet picked SOM.

nowitzki20041169d ago

Yeah some did. The most I remember seeing was for DAI. played DAI for over 100 hours. SOM was like 30.

PygmelionHunter1169d ago

Umm... SOM was not a movie tie-in, you know?

Anyway, I'm happy that licensed games such as Mad Max are somewhat beginning to catch up to today's standards. Mad Max and Shadow of Mordor are not my type of game, but it does give me hope for future such similar releases receiving as much care put into them.

mafiahajeri1169d ago

You obviously don't know what a movie tie in is. Neither Mad Max or Shadow of mordor are movie tie ins based on the fact that they were not bound by the movies story, release date and characters...

KiwiViper851169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

You obviously don't know the definition of tie-in.

mafiahajeri1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Genius, Lotr was a book before it was a movie or game how is SOM a movie tie in when it takes from lore of something that was a book before a movie? And not the actual events of the movie.

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MAULxx1169d ago

It's so great to finally have a true Mad Max game that pretty much nailed it.
Love it.

Wolfenstein511169d ago

Finally, a decent review. This game is seriously UNDER-rated.

PygmelionHunter1169d ago

How so? I've seen everything from 6s to 10s with this game. That's pretty good IMO.

HRoach6161169d ago

Anything under an 8 is too low in my opinion. I wouldn't give it a 10 myself. But a solid 8 seems about right. Maybe a 9. I've got around 30 hours so far without even getting to pink eye. I'm enjoying it very much.

HRoach6161169d ago

Also just google mad max game. All the top stories are piss poor reviews saying to not even try it. Messed up

robtion1169d ago

Agree. The game is awesome. 9/10 from me but anything less than an 8/10 is a joke. The game is just so fun, and it's massive!

starchild1168d ago

Totally agree. A lot of the reviews for this game are jacked up. I'd probably give it something like an 8.9 if I was assigning a numerical score.

eklektic1169d ago

I ended up rushing through to get my v8 and finished the story in 23 hours. And i really wish i wouldn't have lol i missed a lot but im about 35 hours in and still loving every second of it. Lol i didn't even have side burners till just a lil bit ago. I just wanted my big chief. The game is amazing! A lil twisted metal a lil bat man and a hell of a lot of sick heavy metal album cover art to destroy shit in.

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