20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Controller Out in the Wild, What's in the Box?


After much confusion the 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Controller and headset are out! That is right, with conflicting reports on this Controllers release, we can safely say that, you can get your hands on it right now. But, is it worth it?

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TorpeAlex1167d ago

Spoilers: there's a controller in the box.

Poli_Games1167d ago

Shhhhh!!! No spoilers! ;)

Sitdown1167d ago

Wrong! There is a box around the controller.

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luckytrouble1167d ago

"Is it worth it?" Do you need a new PS4 controller? I mean, seriously, unboxing videos are worthless for the vast majority of things.

KingofGambling1167d ago

The touchpad on the original 20th anniversary has the symbol square, triangle, circle, and X. As for this version is just a regular looking touchpad.


that was the dealbreaker for me

Back-to-Back1166d ago

Yup this version is just a quick money grab.

KingofGambling1166d ago

In a way I agree, but this is an opportunity for gamers to get a hold of a controller that represent their first love of gaming from Playstation 1. Some people would be just happy if they could buy the controller as a standalone.

KillerPwned1167d ago

I got one on Friday from a Gamestop I had preordered at. Constantly was calling them because I was under the impression that it was releasing Sept 1st and no one knew when they were getting them or the release date but this gamestop got a notification they were shipped and would receive them within two days.

The controller is gorgeous if you need a new one I highly recommend it.

Poli_Games1167d ago

See i was told the total opposite! I was told it was delayed till the end of September! When i went on Amazon it was unavailable to preorder or purchase. So when i stopped by my friend's GameStop today i was totally shocked! I like it a lot, it is my 3rd ps4 controller. I got the urban camo and a blue one as well. I like that they're doing more special colors. I hope they continue this trend!