Is Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 DLC Worth it?

Hardcore Gamer: It seems that treasure hunter Nathan Drake is now looking to find his next score in the uncharted depth of your wallet.

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Ezz20131197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

If it's Single player DLC like "Left Behind" ...then yes it's worth it

"Left Behind" to me is the best Story DLC i have played since RDR's "Undead Nightmare" DLC...and that was ND first Story DLC ever.

Kurisu1197d ago

I still need to finish Left Behind. I kept getting killed by solidiers in the courtyard and rage quit lol.

Ezz20131197d ago

If you got any free time give it another go...It's really great.

XisThatKid1197d ago

Bottom line ND has never put out unworthy DLC IMHO. MP or SP
Their only mistake imo is they gave up Crash Bandicoot. But they were young and hungry. They mage great decisions so far as a dev company in my book. I don't feel the corporate bs I get from other companies.

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Kurisu1197d ago

I definitely will go back to it at some point! :)

monkeyDzoro1197d ago

I thought about NOT posting any comments in this topic. Because I thought people were too clever to take the bait...

So people are moaning because ND announced a DLC... before the game even launched. The question is, do they really think that these studios plan DLC contents AFTER game released ? These contents are planned even during the development of the game.

Most of the time SP DLCs are there to tell stories that wouldn't quite match we the main content and feel right. Or that would break the pace of the main story. They can also be about a particular and interesting character, whose background couldn't have been displayed adequately during the main story.
Plus, they are announcing it this soon because of the SPECIAL EDITION of the game. Because they need to justify the price tage of that edition. Telling gamers that by buying the SPECIAL edition, they'll get the DLC for free.

We don't even know WHEN the DLC will be released. It could be 6 months or a year later. Just like LEFT BEHIND for TLOU.

I guess they'll rather pay for MP DLC Season Pass for 5 more maps and 7 guns...

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Yo Mama1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Two possible answers:

1. It's stupid to even speculate this early considering we haven't gotten much info about it.

2. It's Naughty Dog so YES! It's absolutely going to be worth it!

I'm going with #2.

freshslicepizza1197d ago

3. when was the dlc created? was it during development? was it after the game had finished? could they have included the content with the purchase price?

the game was already delayed so it is interesting to read about dlc before the game is even out.

this is what we should ask about all dlc.

Aloy-Boyfriend1197d ago

4. Stop the conspiracy theories

Spotie1197d ago

moldy, there's ZERO need for your FUD.

freshslicepizza1197d ago

"4. Stop the conspiracy theories"

it's a conspiracy to think that maybe dlc was withheld from development to charge consumers extra? it's a conspiracy to think that this may indeed be day 1 dlc?


you should just stop policing the forums looking for anyone who may criticize the playstation brand. it's not healthy when you are doing it 24/7 and for free i might add. i simply asked a question. a simple question people have asked before for other games that have dlc attached to it that is announced before the game even ships. so stop thinking everyone is picking on sony, they will do fine without your help.

Chevalier1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

How about waiting till we see how much it cost and how long the gameplay is before we crucify ND? No one has any idea when it will come, length or anything. Yet here we go with the potentially unwarranted criticism. ND has done amazing on all their games and the only SP they've done so they've earned the right for us to give them the benefit of the doubt. So no need to stir the pot needlessly like your trying to do.

You want to start a tirade there's, AC Syndicate, COD BO3 and Forza season passes which will cost a bunch and I am willing to bet offer far less bang for your buck if you want to complain.

freshslicepizza1196d ago

this is not crucifying naughty dog, lol. they are one the premiere developers out there and deserve the praise they get. so stop acting like it's taboo to ask these questions about dlc announced for games before they ship. its been asked many times over for when it occurs to other games, why treat naughty dog different?

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the_dark_one1197d ago

wut?? do we even know what it is??? and if we go from what we saw with Left Behind DLC then its more then worth it

Adexus1197d ago

Just a second, let me get my time machine.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1197d ago

That was the answer that complete summarizes and destroys the premise behind this article. The game isn't even scheduled to be released for another 7 months. Well said.


Summons751197d ago

Why are we asking this now? Why don't we wait until the game comes out THEN wait till the dlc releases and we can see how it is then discuss it's worth?

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