Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom: Watch The Story Scene That Was Never Included In The Game

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Now that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has been released onto the world, we've heard about a lost cutscene that was left out of the game for one reason or another.

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TeamLeaptrade1167d ago

I will not be watching this, but I will save it for when I complete the game. Don't want any secrets revealed yet.

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RJ920091167d ago

Why why was this not in the game...

WilliamUsher1166d ago

Ah, so that's how Liquid got to be the way he was and that's why Psycho Mantis was by his side. That actually explains everything in a really succinct way.

I agree with RJ92009... this should have been in the game.

Only thing is... how did Ocelot get with them after these events? Seemed like he would have be diametrically opposed to them based on these events.

ironcrow23861166d ago

Having finally got to play this; to all the reviewers that criticised the story, had they not seen the opening hour?? All i can say is absolutely incredible..probably one of the best game openers of the last few years

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