The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson on Gears of War: Ultimate

MATT talks with The Coalition studio head ROD FERGUSSON about the challenges his studio faced in rebuilding GEARS OF WAR for Xbox One.

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JeffGUNZ1165d ago

His last answer is exactly what I took from the Teaser at E3. It was to show the Gear Heads that Rod has corrected the ship back to the dark and eerie Gears setting like Gears 1. I am so pumped for Gears 4 and Gears UE should keep me occupied for sometime. I love Rod and how he is a true gamer at heart. I'd have no one else running this franchise and I know Gears 4 will be the best since the Original. Can't wait.

rockstedy0011162d ago

I always felt like, man gears 2 & especially 3 would have been so much better had it still had the dark tone of the fisrt gears! Remember that really tense sound effect when ever a bad @ss boomer showed up! Some how it only appeared in gears 1. Every time i heard that sound i got nervous knowing that a checkpoint reload was only a boomshot away! Good times... Iam glad that rod f. Is stearing the coalition towards current gen supreamness, with dx12 & unreal engin 4 gears 4 will define 3rd person shooter's for the current gen just like gow1 on the xb360! Game on!