Until Dawn PS4 Review (Console Obsession)

Console Obsession says: "Until Dawn is what can only be described as an interactive horror film, paying homage to a multitude of horror tropes and clichés and harks back to the days when horror films made you dread the thought of staying at a cabin."

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OB1Biker1168d ago

'During a first play-through, it can also be quite difficult to distinguish which character is which, even though effort has been made to make them appear discernible.'


moegooner881168d ago

I think he is trying to tell us he is stupid.

ConsoleObsession1168d ago

As in the characters have been made to look distinctive, in terms of hair colour, clothing and whatnot, but with the lack of lighting, sometimes it can be hard to tell who is who until later in the game.

OB1Biker1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

'sometimes it can be hard to tell who is who'
Not really
I was playing in the dark and headset on, never had much hesitation specially their voices are also discernible. Also all characters had long and detailed introductions for the player to know them.
I get you may have hesitated a minute at some point but surely nothing really worth mentioning IMO

uth111167d ago

They are all pretty unique.

ConsoleObsession1167d ago

That's certainly true, though at the beginning of the game, I did find myself asking who I was playing as now and again as there were so many characters that needed introducing, and with the lack of lighting it was hard telling them apart and I think this doesn't help when trying to draw a player into the game.