FIFA 16 Player Ratings - New Legends

These are the ratings of the 10 new Legends coming to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Please note that the ratings of pre-existing Legends may have changed slightly due to adjustments to our new Ratings formula for FIFA 16.

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UKmilitia1167d ago

I Take it this is still xbox exclusive?

iistuii1167d ago

I wouldn't worry too much. I played on Xbox from the beginning of the legends & I have yet to get a legend in a pack. I never spend money on packs, only my points by playing the game, so maybe that's why.

UKmilitia1167d ago

yeah EA are great at advertising a feature and then shafting yo uwith it if you dont wanna pay extra.
i hate fifa points and the pack scam.
yet u go on youtube and people opening packs getting ronaldo after messi and neuer etc.

RiseofScorpio1167d ago

Still waiting for Zidane, but if he did come to fut he'd be so sought after he'd cost multi millions.

greenmiker1167d ago

Best has great stats as always.